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Ficaa Francisca
Ficaa Francisca uploaded a photo for Sunny Side Up 1 Photo - 1 Review 6 days ago
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Popy Irawati
Popy Irawati uploaded a photo for Benedict 1 Photo 25 minutes ago
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Sherly Ling
Sherly Ling uploaded 3 photos for Retorika Coffee 101 Photos - 2 Reviews 2 hours ago
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Agatha Darmawan
Agatha Darmawan wrote a review for Fukuro 8 Photos - 3 Reviews 2 hours ago
Best unagi don in jakarta
Fukuro SCBD has been my favorite Japanese restaurant since forever. They served delicious Japanese cuisine and still preserving down to its original roots. The food is amazing and i really like the interior - i was amused. Oh! They also have a Teppanyaki counter <3 The service was also great, very friendly and polite. Overall, i really recommend this place if you are craving for Japanese food. Always a good time at Fukuro.
Unagi-don Fukuro Agatha Darmawan 459668
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