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Digitama Gabumon
Digitama Gabumon wrote a review for Steak Gunting 55 Photos - 23 Reviews 35 minutes ago
Salah satu restaurant yang cukup unik karena menggunakan gunting sebagai alat potong steak adalah salah satu kelebihan dari restaurant ini.... Begitu juga dengan tempat yang nyaman, steak yang lezat, dan harga yang terjangkau menjadikan restaurant ini selalu ramai terutama pada saat weekend.... ^^
 Steak Gunting Digitama Gabumon 375602
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Aliza Sofi
Aliza Sofi uploaded 2 photos for OKU 147 Photos - 67 Reviews 2 hours ago
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Bayu Gumilang
Bayu Gumilang uploaded a photo for Martabak Boss 30 Photos - 8 Reviews 4 hours ago
Stev Meilyn
Stev Meilyn 54 minutes ago
nama martabak nya di menu apa? maaf newbie pengen coba
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Ky Vu
Ky Vu wrote a review for Mr. Park 13 Photos - 13 Reviews 5 hours ago
Great as usual
Food is awesome as usual in one of the most authentic Korean bbq restaurants in Jakarta
 Mr. Park Ky Vu 375584
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Delly Nugraha
Delly Nugraha wrote a review for Kaffeine 10 Photos - 7 Reviews 6 hours ago
Pan Fried Baramundi
three thumbs up!. rarely came to this area. now i got a perfecr shot to huddle my passion on fish!!
 Kaffeine Delly Nugraha 375574
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casual dining in senayan area
cozy place for hang out, meeting, lunch. delicious food and fresh dessert. es pisang ijo, palu butung dan aneka kopi especially kopi jendral. worth to try. spacious parking lot and indoor smokingroom.
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ainona puteri
ainona puteri uploaded a photo for Resto Sayap Terbang 1 Photo 7 hours ago
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