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10 Top Chefs In BALI To Look Out For!

Margareth StellaMargareth Stella
10 Top Chefs In BALI To Look Out For! - Main Photo
10 Top Chefs In BALI To Look Out For!
Bali is truly a land of opportunities. Whether you are a hotel chain owner, a startup enthusiast, a restaurateur, or last but not least, a chef, it is truly a place where you can go hard and go big. Being Indonesia's food capital, there is no doubt that talented chefs are almost everywhere on the island. These chefs have kindheartedly carried with them experiences and secrets about diverse kinds of food from all over the world and brought them to Bali. Without further due, let's find out now!
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This prominent chef is the maestro behind the delicacy you can find at Mama San and Sarong. Having mastered the beauty of Southeast Asian cooking, he has successfully translated them into scrumptious, authentic dishes at both restaurants.
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Ever wondered how Mozaic in Ubud could create the unforgettable taste of their all-time favorite Kintamani Suckling Pig? The man behind that is no other than Chris Salans. This French-raised chef is well-known for his consistency on marrying French cooking techniques and local Balinese ingredients perfectly.
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The cuisine offered at Teatro Bali is indeed something different, which is French dishes with a modern Asian twist. Thanks to the man, Maxie Millian, who has successfully come up with such brilliant idea. No wonder he has received numerous awards across Middle East, UK, and Singapore.
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Now we know why the steak at Metis Bali has always been memorably superb. The man behind it, Nicolas 'Doudou' Tourneville, is one impressive man. He used to cook for an admiral at the French Foreign Ministry, and had the opportunity to serve at the French Embassy in Algeria and Jakarta. Kudos!
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Other than its perfect and vibrant ambiance, Starfish Bloo is also widely recognized for its scrumptious Pan Asian cuisine, such as the all-time good grilled beef brisket. Meet the brain, Matthew McCool. Before diving into Bali's thriving culinary scene, he spent over 10 years at various Michelin-starred restaurants across the globe.
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Cafe Degan has always been on top of the list whenever we're looking for a legitimate Thai-Indo restaurant on the tropical island. As the name suggests, it is founded by the one and only Chef Degan Septoadji Suprijadi, who has been always passionate about food since 30 years ago. He is also one of the judges at MasterChef Indonesia.
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If I have to come up with a chef whose expertise is applaudable, with no hesitation, I would pick this man. He has over 15 years of experience in the realm of culinary, including creating French, Belgian, Italian, Dutch, and of course, Asian food. As you can see, at CasCades Restaurant at Viceroy, the dishes are elegant and tasty, and yet, still remain healthy. Now this is what we call top.
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If you have visited Gourmand Deli and Dulang at the St. Regis Bali, you must have wondered, at least once, how such food could be so finger-lickin' good. Meet Chef Agung Ardiawan, an adept chef who is very dynamic, and an expert in terms of meeting the demands of foodies from all over the world.
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What makes Ku De Ta remain packed and most talked-about all the time is undoubtedly the perfect combination of vibrant ambiance, a spectacular view, and not being left out, the superb food. Thanks to Chef Benjamin Cross for inventing recipes that are nowhere else to be found.
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When you're looking for mouthwatering, authentic Balinese dishes, look no further than this place, because you know the executive chef is a widely-recognized expert in the realm of local cooking, Henry Alexis Bloem. He's one of the chefs who's always been serving the true taste of food to the customers.
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Now, can you guess the names of these well-known four chefs?