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9 Best Balinese Contemporary Restaurants

Kevin IrwanKevin Irwan
9 Best Balinese Contemporary Restaurants  - Main Photo
9 Best Balinese Contemporary Restaurants
Contemporary cuisine has been the latest food trend everywhere in the world. More and more chefs are creating local food and taking it to whole other level, better ingredients, top quality technique, and a modern presentation. This trend also spreading in Indonesia, especially Bali. Here you can find a bunch of restaurants take on modern, contemporary Balinese cuisine. Here's or top 9 picks where you can taste high quality, contemporary Balinese restaurants.
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Republik45 is currently one of the hippest restaurant in Bali. Serving Balinese and Indonesia cuisine, done with a modern flair and top quality ingredients, Republik45 is one restaurant in Bali you have to visit. One dish you have to taste here is their krapu rica-rica dish (pan seared coral trout served with their signature sambal). Crispy, perfectly seasoned fish, paired with spicy sambal. It's just to die for!
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Chandi is conveniently located in one of Bali's most popular spot, Seminyak. Serving mostly local dishes, with some addition of Asian cuisine, Chandi is THE spot for you to have a guaranteed great meal. The chill relaxing ambiance is the perfect partner to the top quality dishes that they serve. Make sure you give their pork belly dish a try. Crispy skin, succulent and juicy meat, can it get better than that?
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Here's a spot to go if you're in the mood for sea food. Sardine (hence the name), offers guest a wide selection of extraordinary sea food dishes. Cooked in Balinese style with modern techniques, and not to mention the high quality fresh ingredients. If you need more reason to come here, having dinner right next to the stunning rice paddy field is a guaranteed romantic time.
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This fusion Balinese-Asian contemporary restaurant has been a top recommended destination for quite a while. No surprise there, awesome collection of menus, paired with loads of great drinks for you to try, and not to mentioned the gorgeous looking restaurant. They also serve a lot of sweet delectable dessert selection if you prefer something sweet for your drinks.
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This might be one the most exclusive restaurant in Bali. Booking in advance is a definite must! Why? Because the total capacity of this restaurant is only 10. However, getting a seat on this restaurant is definitely worth it! In fact, eating at this restaurant should be added to your bucket list! What chef Mandif's can do in a kitchen is a true work of art, and absolute define! This is Balinese cuisine at the highest of the highest level!
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Other than serving a truly authentic Balinese food with the best quality ingredients, Bumbu Bali also offers a cooking class for visitors. Opened since 1997, Bumbu Bali is one spot in Bali foreigners should visit. This restaurant also offers a very reasonable price!
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Bali Asli is the ultimate culinary experiences. Balinese cooking classes, cultural adventures, and authentic food. Sound awesome right? Led by chef Penelope, Bali Asli ensures a great time for foreigners who would like to taste and feel a true Balinese cuisine experience.
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Merah Putih is crafted by the owner as the answer to the lack of restaurant in nice setting that serves Indonesian cuisine. Merah Putih actually serve two menus selection, the traditional and the modern. So, the purist can choose from the traditional side, and if you're up for Indonesian cuisine with a modern twist, choose from the modern menu. By the way, both is awesome, so no need to worry.
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Lamak's Kitchen offers has a wide selection of Balinese, Indonesian, Asian, and international cuisine. However the wide menu is paired with high quality dishes that guarantees a wonderful time on each visit. The lamb chop at Lamak's Kitchen is one of the best you could get in Bali, an absolute stunner!