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KOI Restaurant has been around for more than ten years. They first started in Kemang in 2002, be-fore finally opened their second outlet in Mahakam. While there’s a lot of restaurant that tries to be everything but failed, KOI offers a combination of Asian and Western restaurant and did it really well. You’ll find spaghetti that’s as good as their mi goreng and poulet roti that’s as good as their black pepper chicken. In fact their idea of melting both world on a table is represented real well in their famous dessert, Bika Ambon Creme Brulee. To top that off, KOI Restaurant also packed in an art gallery inside their venue, making your expe-rience goes beyond food, but also a little trip to entertain your art senses.
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Mike R
0 photos3 reviews11/09/2017 20:01:27
Food is good Ambience is great Smell is so BAD coming from the smoking area. Really hope they can protect the non smokers from the second hand smoke. Not recommended for kids
in InstagramSep 23, 17
Saturday vibes
Dinna Setiawan
12 photos8 reviews10/31/2017 11:45:40
Rude staff in the frontline
I'm not a newbie to this restaurant. Eversince the outlet opened only in jalan Mahakam, long before the Kemang outlet open, I always love to have brunch,lunch,dinner or even only have an afternoon desserts in KOI. Their food and drinks are always fantastic! But after my last visit here last week (on Sunday 22nd Oct to be exact,visited time around 3-5pm), it has made a big big dissapointment for me for having such a bad experience from their service,specially from a guy standing in the front door to welcome the guest. He was so rude,told us "you can't bring your dogs here,ma'am" without even bother to say sorry at the first place,not even say hi or welcome or what,seeing me and family with our pet (2 dogs; corgis to be exact) came along to find tables for us. Which is before we got there, I already made a call asking about is it okay or not taking our 2 dogs there,and the lady staff who answered my call told me okay to bring them there,they will put us in the smoking area outside.I'm not the type of person that will do whatever I want / ignorance,fyi. So about this matter, I definitely wouldn't be stupid enough to ignore their rules about bringing pet there. And the guy in the front door didn't even give us a chance to explain about me already asked through the phone calls about it. So rude it made our afternoon there filled with dissapointment. I think a place that has a great name as KOI should have put a well educated and well trained people to stand as a frontliner
in InstagramSep 17, 17
Don't want weekend to be over. 😝
Steven Kim
246 photos100 reviews11/06/2016 17:13:07
good for quiet and chill meal
been a long tine since being back. overall like the space and the relaxed atmosphere for a sunday afternoon. everything we ordered was good but wasn't easy getting there. vey long menu with not know what is good here. was suggested oxtail and tenderloin. didnt think it would be good and ordered pan fried sea bass, burger, salted caramel cake. all three i wouod recommend. make sure to have the sauce Separate though.
in InstagramMay 18, 17
Because I can πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ #morning #in #jakarta #kemang #koikemang #breakfast #morningcoffee #becauseican #whynot #goodcompany #hvadskulleviellersforetageos #vilaverjoikkeandet #expatwife #expatlife #somom πŸ˜†πŸ™„πŸ˜¬πŸ˜„ @camilla_lm and baby Saga πŸ˜˜β˜•οΈπŸ΄
Fransisca Pranadhi
0 photos5 reviews01/26/2016 16:26:59
Coziness with Great Food
Love the place & food, price-wise is average fancy dining, always has something special, & also a great family place to hangout
in InstagramMay 17, 17
Tony Ma
0 photos1 reviews03/22/2015 14:32:41
excellent food and hang out spot for business and personal
in InstagramMay 13, 17

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