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Embracing Romance And LOVE In Bali

Margareth StellaMargareth Stella
Embracing Romance And LOVE In Bali - Main Photo
Embracing Romance And LOVE In Bali
Bali and love. Many of you might have already been aware that those two things cannot function without the existence of the other one. Without a doubt, this truly makes perfect sense. The jaw-dropping mountains and hills, the lush forests, the pristine beaches, the beautiful secluded waterfalls... You name it. These are the things that you would love to be the witnesses of your true love. Bali has them all.

While its natural beauty has always remained alluring at all times, recently, the culinary scene has also successfully attracted couples from all over the world. Thanks to the rising number of expats and tourists, the restaurant scene in Bali is now packed with extraordinary venues that you definitely can't find anywhere else in the world. Curious much? Let's find out.

Different Kinds of Romantic Experience.

If you happen to be a big-time traveler, and you admit that you've ever been at a seaside dinner with your loved one, or had one to two drinks at the top of a mountain, you must be looking for something that's totally out of the ordinary. Well, once you step on the gorgeous island of Bali, you are allowed to expect that you wouldn't be let down. Bali has a lot more variety to offer--and it's guaranteed that you'll be impressed even at the first glance. Try Swept Away at The Samaya in Ubud. It would be such an experience you wouldn't be able to forget. Sweep your worries away by having a big breakfast while losing yourself in the natural sound of Ayung River. Psst, you can even indulge in what they call 100-candle dinner, where 100 candles will be lit along the river, creating a one-of-a-kind ambiance that is really something. And don't forget your wine!
Photo Source:  mehthesheep
Photo Source:  mehthesheep
How's that to make your loved one truly happy?
If your heart desires for something else, let's say, a venue with a charming garden view, look no further than Metis. French cuisine is usually served at an indoor, formal, and classic-style space. This place incorporates a dazzling Balinese landscape and authentic French cuisine into one. You'd get fascinated by what this place has to offer even from the moment you take the first step to enter the venue. Ponds and gardens make such a perfect backdrop for an unforgettable romantic dinner with your lover. Have a taste of their foie gras menu, you'll keep Qraving for more.
Photo Source:  myseminyakvillas

The Variety of Cuisines.

People residing on the island come from diverse backgrounds and cultures--and it's truly one of the things we should always embrace about Bali. Now we can find lots (and LOTS) of culinary variety on a single island. While many people travel to Bali to get carried away by the natural beauty, you can also find an extensive selection of culinary in town. The diversity of the food is as varied as the human beings on the island. Foodie couples, get ready for a different kind of excitement.

Let's dive into the list of cuisines that you can find in Bali. Italian--they've got the best with the most reasonable rates. French--this is authenticity at its best. Japanese--from the fusion to the authentic ones, you wouldn't be disappointed.

Soaking up in the tropical sun and enjoying margaritas wouldn't ever be complete without having a scrumptious plate of Italian food. Try Jamie's Italian in Kuta. They are the maestro in creating authentic Italian taste made out of local Balinese ingredients. No wonder that this place has already been one of the most longed-for restaurants in Bali in such a short period of time. When visiting, don't forget to order their Prawn Linguine, pasta served with mouthwatering fried garlic shrimps that will melt in your mouth instantly.
Photo Source:  myfunfoodiary
If what you're Qraving for is something raw and fresh, you know what our answer would be. Japanese food should be on top of your list. Check out TAKE in Legian. Everything about this place would exceed your expectations. Starting from its delicate sushi to its authentic interior, you wouldn't leave this place feeling unsatisfied. Try their Sashimi Salad, that's made out of only the freshest ingredients.
Photo Source:  @nico8290
Photo Source:  jenzcorner

The Presence of The Most Celebrated Chefs.

As the food capital of Indonesia, there's no doubt that accomplished chefs are almost everywhere to be found in Bali. The rare and authentic local ingredients all over the island have attracted a lot of proficient talents in the past few years, to feast on assorted kinds of meals, from babi guling to foie gras. If you and your loved one happen to be true food enthusiasts, then you've picked the right holiday destination.
Photo Source:  @larvitar
Photo Source:  gastronomy-aficionado
Don't the names Mama San and Sarong sound familiar to you? I bet the distinctive taste of Mama San's red curry of duck has always been lingering in the back of your mind. Let me introduce you to the name behind the wonderful taste, who is no other than Will Meyrick. He is a true maestro of Southeast Asian cooking. Impress your loved one by bringing her to one of the two amazing restaurants, and let her be swept away by the fine food there.

Mozaic Bali is another great option for a romantic dinner. Other than its marvelous dining space, its food is also something that will take your breath away. An example would be its Coral trout confit that tastes very fresh and heavenly to the very last bite. Meet the man behind everything, Chris Salans. He's widely recognized for being able to combine French techniques and Balinese ingredients perfectly all the time.
Photo Source:  thejakartapost
Photo Source:  wsj
Not only the nature, the exceptional culinary setting in Bali can't also wait to be found by lovebirds from all over the world. It has so much to offer that love will undoubtedly ignite and be awakened throughout your extraordinary trip. In other words, a romantic getaway has never been this flawless.