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Margareth StellaMargareth Stella
9 Cafes For HIPSTERS In BALI! - Main Photo
Good day, everyone. Without further due, now put on those Warby Parker glasses, your favorite light brown chino, dat coolio old-fashioned straw hat, and a fresh plaid shirt. All done. You're good to explore these HIPSTER-style cafes around Bali. Let's go!
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From the very first sight, it surely looks fancy. In fact, it IS fancy and different. Find yourself dreaming of their tasty, extraordinary tapas menu, while accompanied by their house DJ's!
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It's amazing to see the growth of coffee shop scene that's apparent around our country, especially in Bali. Lose yourself at this incredible coffee shop located at the heart of Seminyak. Aaand, don't forget to have a taste of its delightful Banana Oatmeal Bowl.
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This Bowlarama is a perfect representation of Bali. Vibrant colors, fruity, and fresh. It's really something to start off your day with. If you're feeling like having something savory, don't worry. They have an extensive selection of brunch menu you can choose from. Love their egg dishes!
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This is an awesome place not only for motorbike geeks, but also you, the hipsters! If you're not really into that kind of stuff, be anxious no more. This place has a cool space to sip down your coffee and have your morning pastry fix. Amazing placement of wooden materials.
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It's true that coffee shops are identical with hipsters. Anyways, it's something that we should be grateful for. Coffee shops and hipsters... and not being left out, of course, nice brunch menu. Worry not about getting fat while having this incredible Egg Florentine. It is only worth 300 calories!
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As you can see from the picture above, this place defines the term 'lovely'. Lovely from the outside, lovely from the inside, lovely in terms of their coffee taste. The service, indeed, is also lovely. Getting your morning coffee fix here is an experience you'll never forget.
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This place reminds me of those cute little coffee places along the streets of Venice in Los Angeles. It will make you feel dreamy, especially if you order their Holster, which is a super delicious breakfast panini, accompanied by their authentic coffee!
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Such an inviting entrance, yes it is. No other coffee place can get more hipster than this one, which is a good thing. This place serves a delicate and unique selection of coffee. Worth coming back to, all the time!
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Look at that pretty, hippie corner! You'll lose track of time while staring at the gorgeous ornaments all over the space, while indulging in their breakfast menu.