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Margareth StellaMargareth Stella
9 Best STEAKS In BALI! - Main Photo
Bali is an exotic island. Speaking of the food, some of you might only be able to think about dishes made out of chili, turmeric, and soy sauce... However, you should not forget the fact that Bali is the food capital of Indonesia. In fact, being one of the most tropical islands on Earth makes perfect sense why we are allowed to expect that there aren't any legitimate steaks in Bali. You're totally wrong. There surely are ultimate juicy steaks in town!
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When you happen to stroll around Kuta area, don't forget to stop by this place to have a bite of one of the best steaks in town. The taste is very distinctive, you'll get to indulge in succulence in every bite. Served with tasty roasted potatoes.
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Ladies and gentlemen, this is the monster. Before you die, you must try this 600g 40-day dry-aged prime rib that gives a party in your mouth in every bite. Served with one of the freshest salads. I repeat, this. is. the. monster.
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Look at that dripping sauce on top of gorgeous tenderloin! I think the picture above is enough to get you hooked. There are 5 types of unique sauces you can choose from. Our favorite is the New Orleans cajun cream sauce and the espresso chocolate chili sauce! Sounds different, but trust me, it's the bomb.
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One word that would best describe this steak is classic. Other than the fact that it's luscious, the portion is huge! I have a suggestion though. Don't share it with anybody else.
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Probably one of the sexiest-looking steaks you'll ever come across. This is black angus grain-fed tenderloin exclusive from Australia. Melts in your mouth, succulent, and perfectly cooked. Worth every penny!
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Grilled to perfection, yes it is. This one is New Zealand sirloin with honey mustard sauce, totally our favorite. Must try when you happen to come across this place.
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Having gained noteworthy popularity in Jakarta, this mouthwatering steak is now available in Bali. Yay! Try their scrumptious selection of affordable steaks. Their Wagyu Sirloin is offered only at Rp. 272.000, including side dishes. You won't regret it.
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Traditional dry-aged beef done best only at this place. Every bite is something not to forget about. Juicy until the very last bite! For a rate of Rp. 380.000 per person, this one is one damn good deal.
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Black angus sirloin that will melt in your mouth served with roasted corn. Totally delightful. It will leave you Qraving for more all the time.