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7 Cafes With The Finest Pancakes in Ubud and Seminyak

Haetam AttamimyHaetam Attamimy
7 Cafes With The Finest Pancakes in Ubud and Seminyak - Main Photo
7 Cafes With The Finest Pancakes in Ubud and Seminyak
Traveling is an adventure, that's just a fact and almost everybody can agree to that. But have you ever had that feeling when all you want for one day of traveling is just laying down, taking it easy and not being involved in any kind of adventure whatsoever? Well maybe at least for breakfast time.

We know that feeling, you just need the easiest breakfast available. Pancake is the perfect answer. Pancake is lazy yet very good. Pancake is life. Here's the list of delightful pancakes in Bali for the lazy version of your adventurous soul.
Photo Source:  @glawreuhs
There's a chance that you'll end up in Seminyak at some point. While you're there, try a cafe called The Fat Turtle. Famous for their coffee and a hot spot for brunch, The Fat Turtle sure do serve amazing pancakes.
Photo Source:  @hobbitwithacamera
Everybody knows that Ubud is a great attraction for hippies with its vegan restaurants and padi fields. One of those healthy traditional cafes is Atman Kafe, presenting their simple menu and good coffee. Chill and peaceful, Atman Kafe is about simplicity.
Photo Source:  @karina2591
And we're back to Seminyak. In search of one of the greatest breakfast cafes in Seminyak, Livingstone came up to the surface. No details needed, just look at that beautiful pancake!
Photo Source:  @indah.ersanty
On your lazy day, nothing beats simple pancake like this one. All you need is slices of banana and syrup and your morning will be perfect and you'll be ready to start your day.
Photo Source:  @katiemitchellphotography
Visiting Ubud means coming across numerous of vegan restaurants. If you're not used to eating healthy food, ignore that feeling. This pancake from Yellow Flower Cafe is to die for!
Photo Source:  @musicio8
Seniman Coffee certainly famous for its coffee selection. But what's more important than a cup of great coffee to accompany your pancakes? Seniman Coffee Studio is just perfect for that.
Photo Source:  @alexjohneds
Located inside Bisma-Eight Hotel, Cooper Kitchen & Bar is somewhat fancy. With good music and great pancakes, spending a lazy morning in Copper would be interesting. Bring a big group with you.