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The presence of the super friendly chef, Sezai Zorlu is almost inseparable to the success of Turkuaz as one of the leading Turkish restaurant in Jakarta. They have won the heart and the tongue of Jakartans over the years because of quality consistent food, excellent hospitality and most importantly the strong desire to continuously improve. Just recently, they expand the quaint restaurant in Gunawarman into a Baklava house and a special-ty store selling traditional Turkish goodies and ancient carpets that dates back to hundreds of years. The reason is simple, Sezai want the restaurant to be the center of Turkish culture, not just the food but also art. A visit to Turkuaz is a must at least once in your lifetime in Jakarta.
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Adrian Li
488 photos115 reviewsSep 6, 2016
Solidly good Turkish cuisine
Came for a midweek dinner and the restaurant was packed. Ordered several starter mezzes all came with freshly heated up pitas that went perfectly with the hoummous. Does not sell wine so byob or order from Le Quartier which is next door. Meats were cooked perfectly also.
in InstagramSep 24, 2017
初トルコ料理🙌🏾 便利なこの時代に直接顔を見て話すことの大切さを実感。 #lunch #turkey #jakarta #indonesia #ランチ #トルコ料理 #朝ごはんから夕方まで #あっという間 #笑いあり涙あり #海外生活 #ジャカルタ #インドネシア
359 photos158 reviewsJul 4, 2016
Karena lagi kepengen banget makan yang 'out of the box' alias udah bosan dengan genra makanan 'biasa', saya pengen coba Turkuaz. Reviewnya juga lumayan bagus2 jadi ya coba aja deh. Pas datang sempat agak bingung karena dari luar seperti rumah tua, pokoknya gak terlihat seperti restoran mahal deh. Tapi saat mauk, wah lumayan mewah juga ya..! Menu yang dicoba: Springroll: Saya sendiri lupa namanya apa (namanya ribet2 bgt, tp klo ga salah namanya Peynerle Gozleme. Ribet kan..? hehe) tapi ini spring roll enak pake BANGET! super crispy dan dalemnya ada kejunya. Aduh enak banget kejunya berasa tapi gak eneg. One of the best appetizer I have ever had! Kebab: Saya mencoba kebab yang dibikin seperti lasagna. Jadi dia digulun sama semacam kulit crepe gitu tapi keju. wah pas datang sih plain ya kelihatannya, tapi begitu di potong, ENAK BANGET dan meler2 deh isinya. Saya coba yang lamb karena disini specialnya lamb. Meski saya agak 'takut' makan lamb, tapi saya pikir klo udah disini ya coba aja deh. Lambnya hasilnya ga bau loh! Enak banget! Bumbuya gurih2 asin sedikit asam. Jadi kayak lasagna timur tengah. Agak berminyak sih.. sebzeli mussaka: Ini sebenarnya sauteed Vegetables biasa. tapi enak banget! Lagi2 agak terlalu berminyak untuk saya. Tapi semua makanan disini sepertinya benar2 freshly cooked karena pas datang itu benar2 piping hot bgt. Meski harganya agak mahal, dengan kualitas begini dan porsi yang BESAR (gede banget bisa buat ber2 keknya) dan service yang EXCELLENT (masnya super baik+ramah+sopan+ngerti banget menu+ngerti table manners), saya mengerti kenapa harganya bisa segitu. RECOMMENDED!
Aliza Sofi
309 photos133 reviewsApr 5, 2016
great food
I had a great experience at Turkuaz. I ordered the mezze platter for starters. The babaganuc is highly recommended. For my main, I ordered the feslegenli patlican sarmasi and it was excellent. Will definitely return to this restaurant.
in InstagramSep 17, 2017
Dear all, This gonna be the last food post for now. I'll be going on a diet program starting tomorrow. No more nasi uduk in the morning and nasi padang in the afternoon. No cheat day either. In the end of 2017, I'll be a hunk. You better hide your kidz, wivez and chickz away from me! 😂😂😂 . . . Anyway, this food rate: 8/10, pretty good before diet. . . #arvinkurus2017 #arvinnikah2018 #food #foodphotography #foodie #foodporn #eeeeeats #jktfoodbang #dinner #lunch . . We'll see how long I can maintain😁
Vickie Carson
0 photos1 reviewsDec 12, 2015
Not as good as there other restaurant
I'd like to say that this place lived up to the hype but sadly it didn't. We were advised upon arrival that they didn't have note of our booking. However a table was found for us. I can't fault the service the staff were attentive and food was brought promptly. The humus with shaved lamb was delicious but only 1 little piece of bread wit it. The stuffed mushrooms were really tasty. My main however was lacking I had gone for the kofta and what was served to me was basically 2 lamb burgers on a bed of mushrooms they had very little taste compared to koftas I've had previously. However my husband had the lamb shank on a bed of mozzarella and aubergines and that was just beautiful. Overall I prefect warung turkey by Turquaz better it's has a nicer ambience and to me a slightly better menu.
in InstagramJan 1, 2016
Kofte's on Sauteed Butter-Dried Chili Bread with Yoghurt Garlic Sauce @turkuazrst 🍖👌 Shared By: @foodyid and Taken By: @mluhukay
Michael Whittome
0 photos4 reviewsNov 12, 2015
Great food, great service and the best baklava
On our forth or fifth trip to this restaurant we dined as a large group. With a set menu for all 10 of us there was plenty of food. We will be back again.
Penulis Boga
0 photos1 reviewsDec 1, 2014
I have analyzed from all my visits here is that we tend to get overboard when ordering food. The foreign food names and how our lack of understanding on how it looks would easily make you over-ordering things hahaha But still, all food taste excellent although bug portions. Expect to spend 300k/head or even more

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