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Lippo Mall Puri @ St. Moritz, Lantai Ground, Jl. Puri Indah Boulevard Blok U No. 1 Show Map >
021 29111038
Opening Hours
Sun - Thu 09:00 - 23:00 , Fri - Sat 09:00 - 00:00
Accept Credit Cards
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Full Bar
Parking Area
Power Plug
Take Away
Vegetarian Available
Free Wifi
Outdoor Seats
Smoking Area

Reviews of The Fctry Bistro & Bar

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359 photos158 reviewsJun 25, 2016
nice & cozy
Tempatnya gak didalem mallnya, seperti di ruko gitu jadinya bisadiakses dari luar. Tempatnya tidak terlalu besar tapi gak kecil juga. Decornya lucu, simple, dan minimalist. Saat datang juga dikasih complimentary bread yang masih hangat fresh. Enak crispy diluar dan empuk didalam! Menu yang saya coba: 1. sunny side up steak (110k): Ini ada sunny side up dan steaknya. Telurnya kurang lumer jadi agak kering menurut saya. Steaknya lebar tapi tipis, terlalu keras menurut saya, jangankan digigit, dipotong aja susah! Hashbrownnya gurih garih tapi SANGAT BERMINYAK! kurang recommend sih buat yang ini.. 2. Spaghetti al funghi (85k): Ini adalah dish yang bikin rating saya jadi bagus! Spaghettinya enak bgt! Super creamy dan gurih, wangi banget sama mushroom dan rempah2nya. Porsinya juga lumayan besar. 3. dopenut banoffee (25k): Ini donut khas nya factory bistro. Donutnya memang enak sih super empuk legit. Tapi fillingnya sedikit sekali, hampir tidak ada, cuman seperti olesan diatasnya aja. Harganya juga lumayan mahal untuk per 1 dopenut. Overall makanannya lumayan enak, free wifi juga dan super cozy. Enak banget buat nongky2!
in InstagramJul 1, 2017
This peri peri chicken from @thefctryid is soo addicting😍😍the chicken is soo tender, the sauce is a bit sour but very refreshing. and..i loveeee their rice, the taste is not too strong, but have a lot of things going on, you can taste the paprika, spice, etc!#chubbytraveller
Jason Saputro
0 photos1 reviewsJan 6, 2016
blue patty?
all's well n dandy with the entree and the gyu tan don, great prices too! well, one of us ordered the aged burger, amazing price at 80k, and the waitress asked for the patty's cooking, and my mate said medium rare. it came, eith its might and glory and our anticipation kept going up, till he cut up the burger, showing the bloody meat! it's a blue burger 😐 who eats blue patties?! was cut in half and we complained, and the waitress, instead of asking if we want a new burger, asked, shall we recook "that" burger for you? it's a half cut burger 😐 dismantling the sauced burger? cool! so i asked for a new dish, and guess, the exact same condition came out LOL bet the grill is set too hot, coz the outside of the patty was fully grilled. the buns were awefull as well 😐 cant be blamed, the menu said aged, and i think it refered to the buns, seems to be made from a year old flour. apek. my mate described it as being "cockroached" ya know, like roaches have been nestling somewhere near. he ended up not eating the thing, since i've ordered enough entrees to keep our bellies ok morals of the story, dont put up a half assed dish and try to justify it with lower prices! it's pretty, half assed
Felicia Kasmara
0 photos4 reviewsNov 8, 2015
Cozy and delicious
Love their cozy environment. Love their food. Been there for countless time. My fave is the ox tongue. The best in town. Their other food is also delicious. Also the steak for sharing (650k for 4), is also very nice.
in InstagramJun 19, 2017
Typical comfy brunch with @thefctryid πŸ˜‹ . . #eatfolks #thefctry #brunch #meat #juicy #fresh #fctry
william shinoda
0 photos1 reviewsOct 27, 2015
Good Decision For Brunch
Industrial interior design good for a different view in Saturday Morning... Love Dopio in here....
in InstagramMay 13, 2017
Gyudon with smoked egg @thefctryid is surely another yumms! . . #eatfolks #thefctryid #fctry #eggporn #beef #gyutan
Adelene Tjoandi
0 photos2 reviewsSep 11, 2015
Great for BLD
I tried the food here during Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. I have to say I'm pleased to have this newcomer in Puri area! I've been waiting for a great restaurant serving tasty food & comfortable ambience for years! Finally, Voila! Definitely recommending FCTRY! Try the house salad, my favorite!
in InstagramMay 3, 2017
[ 2 / 3 ] Thai Tea Bao Ice Cream @thefctryid // #YummyTraveler

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