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About Paradise dynasty senayan

Paradise Dynasty is a rare to find, there are only 2 spots to find it, Plaza Senayan and Central Park. This restaurant stand under Paradise Group and serve up a plethora of northern and southern Chinese cuisine. Feel the luxurious of Chinese dynasty once you step in, beautiful oriental ornaments and well decorated dining area surrounding you. The glamour brown color and wooden furnitures will comfort you. Paradise Dynasty is a wonderful place for you to enjoy their famous eight flavoured Xiao Long Bao. Also try their simple yet delicious La Mian, handmade luscious noodle with a range of fried meat, seafood and vegetable dishes. Here you can taste the traditional richness of the cuisine of China, order La Mian with Braised Pork Belly in Signature Pork Bone Soup. Coming back for more to taste their Shanghai Dim Sum.
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Rat in "da" house .Yesterday night I made a reservation at 20,00 for two (22/01/2017) and while eating at my table I saw a really BIG RAT (over 10cm) running around "free as a bird" in the middle of the super crowded dining room. The waiters and the "so called" manager didn't care at all as no really explanation was provided and I still had to pay my full bill (100,000 IDR discount..ahahahhaha) despite I left everything on the table and asked the bill immediately (that's the most incredible thing !!!!!). Basically... Read more
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Semarak Imlek di Paradise Group (Paradise Dynasty, Paradise Inn, & Canton Paradise). Cicipi berbagai menu khas Cina Utara & Selatan khusus menyambut tahun kambing kayu 2566 @paradiseindo
Love!.Came here very often and they never let me down. One of the best! Thank you.
One of the best Xiao Long Bao.We've been to a lot of Chinese restaurants but Paradise Dynasty definitely has one of the best Xiao Long Bao. We also ordered a couple of other dishes like the Drunken Chicken, they tasted fine, but didn't really "wow" us. The service was good and the food came quick. The place was clean, although a bit too dark for a family restaurant. Overall, it was a pretty great dining experience. Will definitely come back for the Baos! :)
The food was good but a rat in the dining room is a disaster for any restaurant .I saw a BIG RAT in the middle of the dining room.......and the waiters didn't care at all!! In any other countries this place would be shut down with an episode like this but I guess that eating with rats is ok in here.....I will never ever came back
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Restoran Eksklusif yang wajib dikunjungi.IG: FOODIOZ Rasa: enak semua nih disini. Naso gorengnya gurih dan ga kering. Terus untuk xiao long baonya juga mantap sekali, ketebalan kulitnya pas Suasana: saya suka sekali outlet yang disini cukup eksklusif dan nuansa chinesenya kental banget. Harga: memang tidak murah sih. Tips dari saya sebaiknya cari voucher2 diskon yang cukup menguntungkan. Pelayanan: pelayanan yang cukup ramah, konsisten. Kebersihan: bersih sekali sih menurut saya.
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Pork dumpling is on the table!
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