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About Marutama ra men senayan

Many successful Japanese ramen restaurants have established their new branches in other countries and introduced their original products to ramen markets abroad. Recently, Marutama Ra-men that serve authentic Japanese ramen have been making its Toripaitan soup as the new wave in Japanese Ramen industry following Shoyu, Miso, Shio and Tonkotsu soup.
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Oishii Desu.I love this ramen. Good texture noodles paired with a creamy savory broth. I recommend for all to try. Better than ikkudo and ippudo 😋. I would definitely come back. Please open more locations
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This Shirunashi dry ramen by @marutamaramen is uber delicious, and the spicier is better for my liking! Marutama is famous for its perfectly firm noodle, and the Shirunashi creation came with generous tasty meat-charsiu topping (I also spot a hint of garlic & ginger flavor) and toripaitan broth on the side! DAYUM! Snapchat: STANISLAUSHANS 👻 #eatandtreats #marutamaramen
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Top of mind recommendation for ramen in Jakarta: Somehow @marutamaramen is popping out! Who's in with me? . . #eatfolks #marutama #ramen #noodle #pork #savory #broth #japanese
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Super delicious Zenbu Ramen from @marutamaramen at @plaza_senayan Mall It has a thick broth, filled with some Pork Chasiu and also the Big Pork Meat that I happen to find only in Japan at Mutekiya Ramen!! So happy that I also could enjoy the kind of ramen in Indonesia It's so DAMN Goooood!!!! 😘😘😘 ------- #marutamaramen #ramen #plazasenayan #japanese #japanesecuisine #japan
Best Ramen in Town! .Always love to eat Ramen here, located in Plaza Senayan, this is one of my favorite Ramen shop in Jakarta.
Great Tamago!.For this time I choose Zenbu Ramen and It has all the toppings (Zenbu means all in english). You can differentiate ramen by its broth. For this ramen, the broth had nicely balanced and strong (But for me, I like this strong flavoured broth) Whatever ramen you choose, you should order tamago (egg). Its different from any other ramen resto because It already flavoured! When you eat it, the egg is very soft and the yolk melted perfectly in you mouth! I think your taste buds will be craving for m... Read more
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Ramen feast at @marutamaramen for dinner. We had minced meat ramen with their award-winning tamago, shirunashi curry ramen with tori paitan on side and tokusei cheese kooroke. #foodaffair
One of the best ramen in Jakarta! .Had the Tamago Ramen and Matcha Parfait. Both are amazing! The tamago is definitely the best egg I've ever had in a ramen, meanwhile the broth is also very flavourful. The Parfait portion was generous, a good closing for a delicious bowl of ramen! Will definitely come back for more
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Dinner for tonight! We finally made it back to @marutamaramen again after absent for a few years (last time we had it at EX). We tried their signature Tamago Ramen (77k) - pork broth with thin slices of pork belly and soft boiled egg. It was nice for the first few spoons of the broth, but it wasn't as good as what we expected. We thought its gonna be like a typical Thick Tonkotsu broth, but this one was more like a salty soy based soup 😊 #jktdelicacy #marutamaramem
Pretty Good Ramen.I tried the Char Siew Karashi Ramen and the Zenbu Ramen Pork. Both are so good. I love Ramens in general but this is one of my favorite creamy ramens. Recommend to try!
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