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in InstagramJan 18, 2018
Your Thursday lunch won’t be complete without our delicious Porks πŸ€­πŸ˜‰ β€’ Thanks to @herlin.lay for lovely photo 😍 β€’ 🐷 #Hoghock 🐷 #ItsPorkinDelicious
in InstagramJan 2, 2018
πŸ“· @myfunfoodiary @andypauhandoko πŸ—£ @myfunfoodiary β€’ πŸ†• Spotted the newly opened branch of @hoghock at Summagung #kelapagading serving a variety of porky goodness!! My favorite is still their BBQ #porkbelly and slices of grilled #porkknuckle served with Sambal Matah, oh ... so gooood! πŸ’• . If you visit them, don’t forget to try their Pork Satay, one of the best pork satay in town! #musttry β€’ Today all our outlets Porkin regularly πŸ˜πŸ‘ β€’ 🐷 #HogHock 🐷 #ItsPorkinDelicious
in InstagramJan 7, 2018
Pork knuckle combo 55K from @hoghock Citra 6 for #lunch
in InstagramDec 23, 2017
Thai Chicken Wings Price : IDR 25K Halal : βœ” . . Satu-satunya menu halal di @hoghock πŸ˜‚ guys! Kalo lagi yang krenyes, gurih, asam, dan pedas, nahhh Thai Chicken Wings ini cucok banget! . . Dan gw baru tau kalo @hoghock buka di Gading Serpong (GS), wkwkwkwkkw... . . Kemaren lagi janjian sama temen daerah GS, ehhh nemu si neon box ijo tosca, langsung aja parkir di depannya dan duduk manis nunggu orderan datang. Jangan tanya menu nasinya mana? Coz udah habis duluanπŸ˜‚ sambil masih nunggu temen, gw order deh si wings satu ini, ehhh ternyata OK loh rasanya! Boleh lah jadi menu pendamping kalo gw mampir lagiπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ . . πŸ“@hoghock Available in all outlets. . . #hoghock #theluckybelly #chickenwings #foodpornspecialist #jktfoodbang #foodporn #foodart #foodgasm #foodgram #menwithcuisines #beautifucuisines
in InstagramDec 19, 2017
Pork Knuckle Sambal Matah with Giant Pork Satay from the most favorite @hoghock ❀️ Have a great lunch! #eatandcapture #hoghock #jktfoodbang
in InstagramDec 8, 2017
BBQ Pork Belly with Sambal Ijo from the newest outlet of @hoghock at Jalan Summagung III Kelapa Gading - Jakarta Utara. I bet you don’t wanna miss it guys! πŸ˜πŸ˜‹ Ps: They are available on @gofoodjakarta as well. Happy Friday and have a good lunch today! #eatandcapture #hoghock #jktfoodbang #jakarta #porkbowl
in InstagramDec 3, 2017
Let’s sit down and porkin to newest outlet at Summagung or grab our pork dishes via gofood. Don’t forget we have super delicious bbq pork belly for you to taste at all our outlets. Come and experience it yourself πŸ‘Œ β€’ 🐷 #Hoghock 🐷 #ItsPorkinDelicious
in InstagramNov 17, 2017
Pork Satay or Pork Knuckle? Why not both? Enjoy our best Combo Pork Knuckle, which will makes your day to be a great day !! β€’ πŸ“· @yennymakanmulu β€’ 🐷 #HogHock 🐷 #ItsPorkinDelicious
in InstagramNov 10, 2017
Bacon Cheese Bomb is available at all Hoghock outlets exclude Moi. It’s extremely addictive 😀😀 β€’ Beauty shoot by @cicikuliner β€’ 🐷 #HogHock 🐷 #ItsPorkinDelicious
in InstagramSep 29, 2017
This is it our new sidekick menu bacon cheese bombs. Mozarella cheese in the inside with a crispy bacon outside serve with yummy mayo on top 😍 seriously melt in your mouth. They are ultimate party food!! β€’ This menu will be ready at our newest outlet at Gading Serpong on our opening tomorrow. Follow @hoghock for updates on our opening day at Gading Serpong and get 20% disc off + welcome drink only for you β€’ This is our 4th outlet at Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara Ruko Golden 8 blok G no 52, Gading Serpong, Tangerang β€’ 🐷 #HogHock 🐷 #ItsPorkinDelicious

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