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Hours - Closed
Opening HoursSun - Thu 11:30 - 22:30
Fri - Sat 11:30 - 00:00

About Bistronomy

Bistronomy is a place to go if you seek a pretty looking restaurant with a homey atmosphere and classic setting. It will be perfect for you to put on that new dress if you're a lady. Or, if you're a guy, Bistronomy is the ultimate place to date! Just hope that you get the corner with decoration of pretty mirrors hanging on the wall. Because that is corner is Insta-worthy and you might need that to prove a healthy online social life.
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  • Eat Jakarta
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  • Free Wifi
  • Outdoor Seats
  • Serves Alcohol
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Foodietrooper Nathalia
Foodietrooper Nathalia
Foodietrooper Nathalia
90 photos34 reviews
1920's Paris Affair
The place is really romantic and feels like you're stepping into a 1920's french restaurant. The food are OK, but the other show stealer here are the friendly waiters as they starting to become a rare sight amidst the snobby restaurants that continue to sprung around Jakarta.
Arvid Yap
Most people who love restaurants will talk about the "protein" of a restaurant. "The duck was delicious" or "the fish was super fresh!" Bistronomy certainly has some delicious meats and seafood. But for me, the star on this menu was the mashed potatoes. Coming from holland, we love our mash! Bistronomy has a delicious mashed potatoes that is sill a bit chunky and not overly smooth, which is what I like. You could literally taste the flavor of the potatoes. I can tell you this, I did not go into ... Read more
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