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Plaza Senayan, Lantai 4, Jl. Asia Afrika Show Map >
021 57906071
Opening Hours
Sun - Thu 11:00 - 22:00 , Fri - Sat 11:00 - 23:00
Located in Plaza Senayan Level P4, AW Kitchen is a Japanese Italian restaurant, serving Italian food with a Japanese twist using our best local produce. Risotto in Ikasumi sauce? Checked. Sirloin Beef served with Wasabi sauce? Checked. It’s like when an Italian gangster got trapped in Japan. He misses the warmth of his home-cooked meal and start experimenting with his meal and bam, you’ll get sushi with Parmesan sauce. You’ll get the best of both world, just like Miley did. 
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Reviews of AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe

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Ming Cun
5 photos6 reviewsJan 14, 2017
Greet food in a nice atmosphere
Just having lunch here with a friend. The selection of menu is Italian style with a Japanese fusion touch a little bit. I order medium prime rib eye and my friend order ravidi with butter cheese sauce. The food is delicious. Worth the price.
Ming Cun
5 photos6 reviewsJan 14, 2017
Tasty food in the great atmosphere
Having a lunch here with a friend's is a right choice. Selection of Italian style menu combined with a little Japanese fusion touch make it 1 of a kind among others. I never can say no to steak that's why I'm ordering prime rib eye and beef ravidi with cheese sauce for my friend. 2 ice lemon tea should be a great companion in this hot day time. Overall what can I said is a the taste worth the price.
Jeane Veybe
119 photos33 reviewsOct 26, 2016
Carpacio dan salmon tar tar nya juara. Ini makanan favorite aku disini. Harganya terjangkau tapi soal rasa dijamin enak. Terima kasih juga udh dapat complimentary.#lifeIsTasty
in InstagramMar 12, 2017
Lunch 🍝
Iwan Rahardjo
11 photos7 reviewsMay 16, 2015
Dining with ratatouille
Found this resto by searching thru QRaved, rated 4.5 stars with reasonable price. Ordered the promo Eat Jakarta set menu: Appetizer Yellowtail & Salmon set tasted very good!! The tartar sauce is very tasty and can feel the avocado. The Parpaedel Boscia set was served hot rite out of the kitchen. Yummyyyy!!! The Salmon set with truffle was crisp, but unfortunately did not taste fresh. Dessert set was a good closing to cleanse your palate and not creamy nor too sweet
in InstagramMar 11, 2017
Late dinner
in InstagramMar 10, 2017
Yummy.... Black Angus Tenderloin 😍😎😘✌ #dinner #meeting #principal #kitchenequipment #mkn #kasirano
in InstagramMar 4, 2017
Salmon soy truffle sauce

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