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Akira Back is named after one of Las Vegas most beloved and respected chefs. From the world-renowned Yellowtail Restaurant in Bellagio Las Vegas, Chef Back brings in his distinctive touch and inventive passion to create culinary masterpieces that spotlight seasonality of ingredients and unique flavor profiles that will set itself apart from others in Jakartaโ€™s restaurant scene. Centered on cultural merging by mixing flavors and taste of Japanese along with a dash of Korean cuisine, Akira Back promises an innovative, and exciting Japanese cuisine.
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Aliza Sofi
309 photos133 reviewsApr 12, 2017
Good vegetarian options
If you crave Japanese food but don't eat meat, Akira Back is the place to go. They have an extensive menu for those who are vegetarian! I tried their truffle pizza & the vegetarian tacos, and both were delicious! Bear in mind that you need to specifically ask for the vegetarian menu. Highly recommend Akira Back. Will definitely be returning!
in InstagramApr 11, 2017
๐Ÿ„๐ŸŒฎ Vegetarian AB Tacos ๐Ÿ’ธ IDR 130K++ ๐Ÿ“ @akirabackjakarta . . When you're trying to be vegan, let's taco 'bout it! ๐Ÿ˜„
Jessica Santoso
21 photos49 reviewsOct 26, 2016
The tuna pizza is a must try here, just as what I expected with all the hype about it here. Una-Q and crispy kalbi roll are really good as well! Desserts were really good too, tried the panna cotta and yuja. Yuja was very unique with sparkling pops candy that kinda remind me with the old school snacks i usually had.. Overall, it was such a good experience and will definitely come back to try other dishes!
359 photos158 reviewsSep 30, 2016
Waktu itu saya lihat promo akiraback di instagram yang katanya lagi ada business lunch 3-course menu set cuman 180k++ per orang. Karena saya tau biasa akira ini memang pricey banget, saya jadi penasaran pengen coba. Pas datang lucu banget dikasih tablet napkin gitu, jadi handuk yang dicompress jadi kayak pill kecil gitu. Begitu kita letakan dalam wadah batu (yang lucu dan unik juga) nanti handuknya langsung mengembang jadi handuk basah untuk lap tangan. Dari segi porsi sih ini emang keciiiiillll banget sih, bahkan menurut saya ini lebih mirip sampler menu ketimbang buat lunch.. Tapi ya harganya untuk ukuran akira memang murah, plus makanannya memang enak2 semua, jadi ya sudahlah haha.. 3-course menu yang saya coba: 1. Kim-cheese slider: ini kayak (super) mini burger with korean twist gitu. Penampilannya cantiik banget. Rasanya juga ENAK! Rotinya gak basah lembek kena saus2, dagingnya empuk dan fresh banget, gak bau sama sekali. Sentuhan kimchinya juga gak overwhelming terlalu asam/asin, balance semua. 2. pan-fried flounder: ini harusnya jadi maincourse, tapi ukurannya lebih kecil dari pada appetizer yang mini itu haha.. Isinya cuman 2 potong flounder super kecil, tapi ENAK BANGET! gurihhh banget dan floundernya masih agak crispy tapi sudah disiram special sauce mereka. saucenya ini yang bikin bener2 enak! 3. Black sesame cheesecake: nah karena saya pecinta cheesecake, harus banget coba ini. Penampilan udah elegant banget, rasanya juga ENAK! wangi black sesamenya itu gak berlebihan dan asin manis cheesecake dan black sesame nya benar2 compliment each other. Creamy juga cheesecakenya. Overall dari segi rasa sih sudah tak diragukan lagi, harga memang mahal, tapi ada harga ada barang. tempatnya juga gede banget, sepertinya 150-200 orang juga masuk deh... Recommended banget buat yang business lunch, hangout, family dinner, apa aja bisa!
+ 3
in InstagramApr 8, 2017
Yes dining at @akirabackjakarta is not cheap but thankfully they have come up with their more affordable Business Lunch Set Menu from IDR180k ++. The set menu is super WORTH IT in my opinion as you will get 3 dishes where you can choose from their selection of appetizers, desserts and mains such as this USDA Prime Short Rib. At around IDR200k, you can dine at Akira Back with 3 courses, steak included - Well, I'm Sold! Also don't forget that you can look for the best steak in Jakarta through @nibbleapp! #akiraback #akirabackjakarta #shortrib #steak #eatineraryid
Hafitri Anggraini
0 photos1 reviewsSep 18, 2016
it was not food
We decided to try the famous akira back for Sunday lunch, 3 females and I have to say... we were all impressed. we had tuna pizza, ahi tuna salad, salmon tartare, akira sampler, a lunch set (very economical), 3 desserts) yes, the portions are small (except akira samplers). yes, the price is expensive (we spent 1.8mio). But when you eat at Akira Back, they did not serve you food... they serve art. I am not talking about the plating, they were as expected in 5* restaurant. But the taste of each dish that we savour was exquisite and sophisticated. Very well thought and you know they were balanced by not having the need to add extra seasoning. of course, not all can appreciate the food since the taste was simple and honest. One of our party member was a bit sensitive on saltiness and sourness, thus not feeling that all the dishes were up to her standard. However, I don't agree. If you expect somewhat Indonesian palette (more on savoury side) or Western taste (bold and strong), you might not enjoy the food here. Unfortunately, the 'infamous' tuna pizza was delicious, but doesn't qualify as fantastic for me. Would I come back? absolutely!
in InstagramApr 5, 2017
I used to have a single winner when it comes to The Best Gyu Don in town. But I recently met the competitive contender to this category. Let me show you this one by @akirabackjakarta! No doubt, its one of the best in Jakarta IMHO. The combination of super smooth and tender Gyu (beef) with fish roe, uni, foie gras, and onsen tamago. All luxurious ingredients in one single bowl! The funny thing is, I thought that the square cut brown thing on the beef was some kind of beef fat. It was super gooood like salty and creamy, until I asked ci @astridasuryatenggara and she answered its Foie Gras. OMG, I always avoided that but it was that good!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ . #jktdelicacy #akiraback #gyudon #foiegras #seaurchin #uni #onsentamago #beefbowl
Marco Avila
42 photos13 reviewsAug 26, 2016
Top Japanese food in Indonesia
After living in Japan for 6-years, and then moving to Jakarta, I Qraved some real Japanese food. After trying many times, I finally found a place that hits that spot. Thanks to Head Chef Tanaka-san, I had a lovely experience!
in InstagramApr 3, 2017
USDA prime short ribs from @akirabackjakarta. Succulent beef coupled with sweet baby corn and the impressively smooth mashed potato. #foodaffair #foodie #foodstagram #instafood #foodporn #food

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