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in InstagramMay 29, 2017
Cool your day with a cup of Classic Milk Tea and restore your mood. #ShareHappiness #ShareteaIndonesia
in InstagramMay 27, 2017
Dapatkan harga spesial selama Bulan Ramadhan! Setiap jam 17:00-19:00 khusus pembelian Classic Milk Tea, kamu akan mendapatkan harga spesial sebesar IDR 15K. Selamat berpuasa Sharetea lovers! #ShareHappiness #ShareteaIndonesia
in InstagramMay 16, 2017
Work HARD, SNACK often! This is the best choice to accompany your day #ShareHappiness #ShareteaIndonesia
in InstagramMay 14, 2017
You can if you think you can! Have a good day Sharetea lovers! #ShareHappiness #ShareteaIndonesia
in InstagramApr 28, 2017
Happiness is a cup of Strawberry Black Tea on a hot day. #ShareHappiness #ShareteaIndonesia
in InstagramApr 2, 2017
Did the hole in the ozone layer just get bombed? Maybe you can try Our Kiwi Fruit with Ice Jelly to cool it down. #ShareHappiness #ShareteaIndonesia
in InstagramMar 18, 2017
Grand Opening Sharetea Medan @official_sunplaza Let's have a Sharetea ! #ShareHappiness #ShareteaIndonesia
in InstagramMar 12, 2017
A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. #ShareHappiness #ShareteaIndonesia
in InstagramMar 4, 2017
Happiness is Sharetea. Loads of Nutella. Pict by : @mark.he #ShareHappiness #ShareteaIndonesia
in InstagramMar 7, 2017
Nothing comes easy. Put your mind to something. Have a nice day Sharetea lovers ! #ShareHappiness #ShareteaIndonesia

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