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Seafood has its own charm. There are a lot of people who can't do a month or even a week without eating seafood. That's how special seafood is.

But choosing a good seafood restaurant in Makassar is not an easy thing to do. That's why this list exists. We curate and present you this list containing a selection of great seafood restaurants in Makassar, because you deserve the best!

Restaurants Selection

1. Rumah Makan Seafood Apongmakassar
34 Reviews
2. Rumah Makan Nelayanmakassar
10 Reviews
3. New Dinar Seafoodmakassar
0 Reviews
4. Lae Laemakassar
8 Reviews
5. Ratu Gurih Seafood Market & Restomakassar
17 Reviews
6. New Losari Seafood Restaurantmakassar
9 Reviews
7. Rumah Makan Ulu Jukumakassar
32 Reviews
8. Surya Super Crabmakassar
25 Reviews
9. Rumah Makan Cobek Cobekmakassar
21 Reviews
10. Istana Laut Seafood Restaurantmakassar
15 Reviews
11. New Makassar Seafoodmakassar
14 Reviews