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6 Cool Restaurants In BALI That Provide COOKING CLASSES!

Margareth StellaMargareth Stella
6 Cool Restaurants In BALI That Provide COOKING CLASSES! - Main Photo
6 Cool Restaurants In BALI That Provide COOKING CLASSES!
Welcome to Bali, an island where authenticity and exquisiteness come number one in the realm of culinary. When cooking Bali's favorite dishes, you might be allowed to experiment on seasonings, but technique still comes first. Consider today's your lucky day, because we're letting you know 7 restaurants in Bali that provide cooking classes, which can be found below. Enjoy!
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Who doesn't love an authentic French restaurant? Now what about this. Who doesn't love an authentic French restaurant that provides conducive cooking classes? Whether you are a tourist or a resident, there are suitable cooking classes for you. Psst, Chris Salans is in the house!
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Well-known for its scrumptious Nasi Campur served in the most uncommonly great way possible, this place also offers a cooking program that's guaranteed will make your dreams come true. With only Rp. 300.000 per person, you're able to train yourself to cook authentic Balinese cuisine, as well as to widen your horizon on Balinese traditional spices at the market.
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Not only that this restaurant serves a tasty plate of Balinese Sate Lilit, they also teach you how to make it! It will be an experience that you'll never forget. Remember, you have to make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance, and the cost is Rp. 300.000 per person.
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Doesn't it look like an unforgettably exquisite place? Just imagine waking up to the tropical Balinese sunshine with zero worries, and heading to this alluring spot afterwards to take cooking lessons. With only Rp. 475.000, you're eligible to learn how to cook your favorite Balinese local dishes. It's not just an ordinary program, I promise.
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Other than devouring the authentic meals here, feel free to register for the incredible cooking classes! You will be able to further study the wonder of the Balinese culture through taking cooking lessons here. The mentor, Janet DeNeefe, has been teaching Balinese cooking since 1987. You're gonna leave happy.
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This famous 5-star hotel in Bali surely knows how to please their guests. Together with Jimbaran Bay Cooking Academy, they provide a cooking class program that is suitable for everyone. This is the place to discover secret ingredients and techniques used to cook those scrumptious, authentic Balinese dishes you've always been in love with!