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5 Casual Dining Places In Jakarta You Must Try ASAP!

Margareth StellaMargareth Stella
5 Casual Dining Places In Jakarta You Must Try ASAP! - Main Photo
5 Casual Dining Places In Jakarta You Must Try ASAP!
Jakarta's traffic, often times, discourage us to put on an elegant outfit to work. We'd like to keep it casual and comfy, and this especially applies to those of you who drive. Lucky us, there is plenty of casual dining places in Jakarta that you can choose from for today's lunch venue. No dressing up needed. Let's dive into the ultimate list right away!
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Padang food never fails. We are aware of that. However, have you ever thought about the combination of Padang and Peranakan cuisine? I'm sure this one won't disappoint. Their Gado Gado Padang (Rp. 25.000) and Nasi Sayo (Rp. 16.000) are all you need in life.
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Wine during the day? Why not, right? This place is a perfect lunch spot for you and your colleagues. Take your time here, really. You'll have fun.
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Tired of having the same type of noodle over and over again? Consider today's your lucky day. This place has brought everything you've ever dreamed of. Tasty Malang-style noodle is on your way. Psst, you can even choose your own toppings here!
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Missing those cute little coffee shops in San Francisco? This place has the answer to your sadness. Other than serving delicate coffee, this place also offers diverse kinds of delicious brunch meals. Their Breakfast Burrito is seriously something!
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Have a pork feast at this magnificent spot! You won't leave unsatisfied. Pork Belly Stamina Don, which is a bowl of rice topped with pork belly pieces, will be a meal you won't forget. Seriously, perfection in every bite.