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5 Balinese Favorite Bakso (Meatball) Spots

Matthew SultanMatthew Sultan
5 Balinese Favorite Bakso (Meatball) Spots 1
Bakso is well known as one of Indonesia’s favorite traditional dishes, savored by locals, tourists and one of United States’ former president. This ball-shaped, beef-based delicacy has always been popular, whether it’s for lunch, dinner or afternoon snacks. PLUS, It’s also friendly to your pocketbook! And now, we’d like to share Qravians’ six favorite bakso spots in Bali. Quite hard to pick, since there are soo many shops in Bali serving this dish, but here we go:
Photo Source:  Makanteruss Wordpress
Buka Baju serves their bakso in many styles: traditional bakso soup with noodles, grilled bakso, fried bakso and cheese bakso. Service is really quick, and the price is affordable. They also come in various spiciness level, which is awesome for spicy food lovers! 
Photo Source:  Instagram
This shop is almost hidden.. behind a building, wedged along a railway line. Nonetheless, this place is always packed with customers (especially backpackers). They specialize in in bakso soup, bathed in piping hot beef broth, and also pangsit (hot-wet gyoza), which are awesome to munch especially in a rainy day!
Photo Source:  Instagram
One of the most popular spots for kids, and probably one of the healthiest bakso in this list (No MSG). Specializing in traditional bakso soup, you’ll see your bakso bathed in a transparent tasty soup, coupled with fried bakso (upon request) and greens. They also serve Javanese & Sumatran dishes, such as chicken noodles paired with chicken bakso and freshly hand-made chicken spring rolls. Their awesome free-range fried chicken is a MUST-TRY as well!
Photo Source:  Subur Meatball
A simple, cozy, café-ish spot where you can enjoy an East Java-influenced bakso with that ‘homey’ flavor we’re all craving for. Specializing in bakso submerged in pork-based broth, you can enjoy this dish a-la carte, together with their chicken katsu noodle as well, and / or with their local-favorite chili sauce. They also offer many varieties of bakso, such as spicy bakso, soft bakso, cheese bakso, fried bakso and the super awesome sinew bakso!
Photo Source:  Panduan Wisata Bali
A local legend, this shop offers a delicious synergy of taste between soto & bakso altogether. Your dish will come with shredded beef, super-soft bakso and greens. For you who are adventurous, they also offer some intestines such as stomach, intestines and tripe upon request. The spices used, such as coriander and turmeric in the soto broth definitely makes the bakso taste more ‘complete’!