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7 Alcoholic Drink and Food Pairings for Your Wednesday Treat

Haetam AttamimyHaetam Attamimy
7 Alcoholic Drink and Food Pairings for Your Wednesday Treat - Main Photo
7 Alcoholic Drink and Food Pairings for Your Wednesday Treat
Have you noticed that Wednesday, March 9 is marked red on our calendar? Our Hindus friends will celebrate Nyepi and for the others, it means a day off in the middle of the week. It makes sense not to go somewhere far, so why not plan a simple culinary journey as your Wednesday treat. For a long time now, wine has become the ultimate holy water for food pairings amongst foodies. Now it's time to find different combinations of food and alcohol pairings. And no worries, wine is still included on the list.

Steak + Red Wine

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After a fairly long wait, the steak comes to your table. It looks wonderful and the smell is hypnotizing. Want to double the value that experience? Order a red wine and bon appetit.

Nachos + Margarita

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Nachos are fun. Sticky mozzarella cheese and fresh green-coloured guacamole are certainly main weapons for nachos as an ultimate snack. For this, you need glasses of margarita. I repeat, glasses. Because a big plate of nachos needs more than just one glass of a great and a fabulous company. Once you try this combination, you'll love nachos even more than ever.

Oysters + Martini

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You know what they say about this particular combination? Oysters and Martinis are a spring match made in heaven. We're lucky that Indonesia is blessed with fresh seafood, so finding good quality oysters is not a problem for most of us.

Cheese + Red Wine

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You don't even need to be a foodie to even imagine about how beautiful this pair is. Wine and cheese pairing is very popular, even declared as two of life's great culinary pleasures.

Chicken Vindaloo + Apple Cider

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This combination is heavenly blessed for those who love Indian food. Come to Eastern Promise for lunch and order Chicken Vindaloo, don't forget the naan (butter, cheese or even plain is good). Let's hope it's sunny tomorrow because drinking cider when it's hot, both in your mouth and outside of the restaurant, is going to be an unforgettable moment.

Samosa + Gin & Tonic

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BART or Bar at Roof Top is a perfect place to celebrate sunset surrounded by Jakarta skyscrapers. And for this occasion, you need a fresh gin and tonic with hot samosa. The drop of that lemon-y water will complete that terrific sunset.

Any Food + Beer

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Many people can relate to this. Beer is good for any kind of food. Pizza, burger, you name it. No wonder beer easily became the greatest social lubricant of all time.