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Top 10 Chinese Restaurants In BALI!

Margareth StellaMargareth Stella
Top 10 Chinese Restaurants In BALI! - Main Photo
Top 10 Chinese Restaurants In BALI!
Sweet and sour chicken. Tofu cooked in XO sauce. Salted egg prawns. Char siew buns and lo mai kai representing the all-time best dim sum family. Drooling by only looking at the names of the dishes? Then we can conclude something. Chinese food is good for the soul. Find the top 10 Chinese restaurants in Bali below to satisfy your cravings right away.
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Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the busy island at this authentic gem within the serene Nusa Dua area. The superior decoration you'll see inside the space makes you want to fly to Shanghai at that very moment. Expect to spend around Rp. 250.000 to Rp. 500.000 per person here. It will be worth every penny.
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Ever wondered of how Hong Kong food tastes like? Without further due, drive yourself down to this famous Chinese restaurant in town. The interior will make you feel lively, and the food... No words to describe how delicious they are, especially the Crispy Pork Belly. It's not possible that you leave this place feeling unsatisfied.
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If what you're looking for is a phenomenal crab dish, then we should say that this is your lucky day. This restaurant's legendary salted egg crab will take your culinary experience in Bali to the next level. Juicy crab meat served with finger-lickin' good salted egg sauce... I mean, what more could you ask for.
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This place is really something. Why do I believe so? Because its design is a reconstruction of a private Chinese temple that existed in around 1706. Not only that, the menu is also like no other. The taste of their Peking Duck is something you won't ever be able to forget.
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Now this place approaches the classic Chinese dining experience in a different and unique way. The interior of this place is slightly twisted with a modern concept. Vibrant and dynamic vibes to accompany your casual Chinese dinner? Why not, right?
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What's special about this restaurant is their old-fashioned Shanghai vibes and mouthwatering prawn dumplings. Good food, good service, good ambiance. You won't leave this place with regrets.
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Care for some authentic la mian? Or are you cutting down your carbo intake? Don't worry. This place has the solution to each and everyone's craving. Those slices of pork on the la mian bowl, those pieces of steamed chicken... surely will smack your tongue in an instant.
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Seafood cooked in Chinese techniques will never go wrong, we all know that. There's no doubt that this place specializes in Chinese seafood dishes perfectly. Other than its phenomenal seafood menu, their Peking Duck is also second to none.
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If you happen to be strolling down the streets of Denpasar, don't forget to stop by this place and treat yourself with a big Chinese feast. It will be worth it, I promise, especially if you get to try the superb lobster as seen above.
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What makes this place legendary is their delicious dim sum menu, without a doubt. And now you can enjoy it every weekend, all you can eat, and in Bali. Yup. That's some spectacular news over there.