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9 Fruit-Forward World Class Cocktails In Bali

Margareth StellaMargareth Stella
9 Fruit-Forward World Class Cocktails In Bali - Main Photo
9 Fruit-Forward World Class Cocktails In Bali
People have been mixing fruits with spirits since the first drop of liquor came out of the still. Rich in natural sugars, fruits can help to make spirits more palatable. But make no mistake. A fruity cocktail does not always make for an overly sweet drink.
There are thousands of different species of fruits in the world, each with varying amounts and types of natural sugars, and their own unique flavor profiles. After all, anyone who has tried papaya and watermelon knows that they are very different fruits, even though they are both from the melon family. And of course the durian is in a category of its own!

Check out these 9 delectable drinks and discover just how versatile the world of fruit-forward cocktails can be!
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Summer Garden
With plenty of fresh citrus, this cocktail is perfect to sip in the Bali heat.
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Blush On
Lime juice, lychee and homemade raspberry syrup come together to create a cocktail that is tart and tangy.
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Into the Wild
An abundance of ripe berries paired with sweet, crisp Moscato wine perfectly compliment the delicate botanicals of Tanqueray No 10 Gin.
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Sweet Sour Dream
The name says it all. This cocktail lets the natural sweet and sour properties of the pineapple shine through.
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West India
This tall drink is brightened up with fresh citrus and raspberry soda.
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Tropical Luxury
Using pineapple juice infused with cardamom seeds, this cocktail has a pleasantly surprising rich complexity that you don’t expect to find in your average tropical drink.
Photo Source: 
Crazy Susan
A whiskey sour twist enhanced by luscious stone fruit flavors from the addition of peach puree.
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The Queen Cosmo Berrie's
The Cosmopolitan becomes more fruit-forward with fresh blueberries, lemon-infused Ketel One Vodka, and cherry-infused orange liqueur.
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Golden Sour
Sous-vide infused jackfruit orange liqueur gives a more complex and fruity flavor to this White Lady twist, but with the same silky smooth texture.