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8 Best Places In BALI To Eat If Traveling Solo!

Margareth StellaMargareth Stella
8 Best Places In BALI To Eat If Traveling Solo! - Main Photo
8 Best Places In BALI To Eat If Traveling Solo!
Bali is a place where you wouldn't mind roaming around aimlessly all by yourself. After all, it is a place to find your soul. This is where you don't need accompanies. All you need is a spectacular view, tropical breeze, and scrumptious food. Below are a list of fantastic restaurants you can refer to when traveling solo. So... going solo this time? Be anxious no more.
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What could be better than spending your summer day watching the waves swirling, hearing the birds chirping, and of course, indulging in a plate of great meal? Enjoy a wide selection of Western goodness with a bonus of an incredible ocean view right here.
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Have yourself a little serenity in the midst of the busy island at this place. Find a variety of healthy salads and juices that you can choose from. Dining alone, no problem.
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Qraving for dat good, good Nasi Gila, but afraid of carbohydrates? Don't worry, this place has the answer. Feel free to finish off this delicious plate of a healthier version of Nasi Gila by yourself! Unique, vegan, yet so finger-lickin' good.
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Bali is the ultimate place to enjoy various kinds of healthy meals, but it's no wrong to sneak in a little guilty pleasure between those dishes. When you happen to be around Seminyak area, don't forget to try what this place has to offer, Beef Rendang (Rp. 60.000)! Every bite of the beef is juicy and tender. Best!
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Thank God for this amazing cafe! Other than classic local meals, this place also serves diverse kinds of Western food that will smack your tongue from the very first bite. Don't forget to order their Banana Pancakes after indulging in their uh-MAY-zing breakfast menu!
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Trust me, you'll fall in love at the first sight and first bite with this place. The look from the outside will captivate you already. One bite of its lovely plate of Nasi Goreng will make this place unforgettable. And oh, it is cooked without MSG. Kudos!
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No, you don't need a partner to be able to lose yourself in this jaw-dropping scenery. Going solo is sometimes the best choice. Everything about this place defines love. The view, the atmosphere, the food.
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It makes sense why this place remains at the top. It deserves a score of 100 in every perspective. It is decorated beautifully in a rustic industrial approach, serving various kinds of food that will melt in your mouth, especially its BURGER!