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8 Bars In BALI With World Class Drinks

Margareth StellaMargareth Stella
8 Bars In BALI With World Class Drinks - Main Photo
8 Bars In BALI With World Class Drinks
World Class is the biggest, most respected and prestigious mixology event in the world. Leading bartenders from Indonesia and 56 other nations will battle it out in a series of challenges to be crowned with the mixology world’s most coveted title: World Class Bartender of the Year. But World Class is much more than just a bartending competition.

World Class is committed to celebrate and elevate the craft of bartending and the art of fine drinking. We are on a mission to inspire people to drink better. Working with Indonesia’s best bartenders and using the world’s finest spirits, we will create unforgettable drinking experiences for you and your friends. Find out how you can make your next cocktail World Class.
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Around the World
Sweet and spice is always a winning combination, and this drink is no exception with fresh pineapple juice and pressed ginger
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Smoke of the Beast
This rich rum-based cocktail comes accompanied with a cigar-smoke serve
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Loloh Bali
The fresh turmeric and tamarind syrup found in this delicious cocktail will delight your taste buds
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Mesoyi Old Fashioned
An Old Fashioned with a touch of Bali, this cocktail features bitters made from local mesoyi bark.
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Bulleit Old Fashioned
A homemade honey ginger syrup perfectly complements the spice character of Bulleit Bourbon
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The Secret Shanghai
Heaps of fresh citrus and crisp Ketel One Vodka make this a cocktail that everyone can appreciate.
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Gold Fashioned
It’s hard to beat a classic Old Fashioned, especially when it’s made with the luxurious flavors of Johnnie Walker Gold Label
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Bulleit Beer Brule
Can’t decide between ordering a beer or bourbon? This creative and exceptionally tasty bourbon cocktail is sweetened with homemade beer syrup. Now you can have the best of both worlds!