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7 Restaurants In BALI To Watch For In 2016!

7 Restaurants In BALI To Watch For In 2016!

The golden year of culinary is finally here! Expect a lot of new amazing restaurants that will keep being established this year, so forget about one of your new year's resolutions (you know what it is ;))! Here are some of the restaurants in Bali that you need to watch for in 2016.

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Photo Source: ultimatebali

What's not to love about this gorgeous open space with a jaw-dropping ocean view? We surely have legitimate reasons of why this place will always remain as one of the most sought-after restaurants on the island. Celebrating the beginning of 2016 here with your loved one(s) would be a brilliant idea.

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Photo Source: luxecityguides

This place makes such a perfect choice if what you're looking for is a tad of serenity and scrumptious meals. The place itself is definitely a unique kind, it is somehow minimalistic and classy at the same time. Don't forget to have a taste of their Black & White Prawn Ravioli (Rp. 90.000) that will melt in your mouth instantly!

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Photo Source: theluxenomad

Not only that it provides a perfect setting for a music festival, this place is also a great option to chill and relax at. Everything you need is here, such as awesome music, top-notch sunset view, superb cocktails, and of course, vibrant atmosphere. This one is a classic. Never gets old.

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Photo Source: materialworldsingapore

One word to describe this place: fantastic. Everything from its gorgeous rice paddy field view, to its cocktails and food, will not disappoint you at all. This place is Bali in a nut shell. Vibrant, charming, and natural.

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Photo Source: happytummyhappyjourney

You wouldn't want to miss out on this lovely restaurant located at the heart of Seminyak. Its interior is surely something you can't find anywhere else around the town. Rustic wooden structure and warm lighting will accompany your unforgettable brunch and/or dinner time. Such a legend!

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Photo Source: thecolonyhotelbali

Indulging in some mouthwatering tuna tartare accompanied by a homey ambiance? Sounds like a plan. Everything here defines love. Love at the first bite and love at the first sight. Totally something to watch for this year!

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Photo Source: eatandtreats
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Photo Source: @lucywiryono

This is one of the most amazing spots in town. Treat your loved one here for a romantic yet casual dinner, which will be an experience like no other. It's recommended that you arrive just before the sun sets and if possible, pick the corner above for your seating! Order their crispy squid, it is one truly unforgettable appetizer dish.

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