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7 Hottest New Dining Spots In BALI To Be Seen At!

Margareth StellaMargareth Stella
7 Hottest New Dining Spots In BALI To Be Seen At! - Main Photo
7 Hottest New Dining Spots In BALI To Be Seen At!
Blessed is one who has the privilege to indulge in the thriving culinary scene in Bali. There is something new and exciting to look forward to on the island, especially in terms of food. A meal never is an ordinary one in Bali. It blends exotic dishes, jaw-dropping interior, and top notch ambience. Get yourself lost skimming through this perfect sort-out of the hottest new restaurants on the beautiful tropical island that perfectly combine the three elements!
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This place serves some of the most amazing comfort food selection you'll ever come across. Not only that the meals are superior, especially their Pork Belly with turmeric dressing, the place defines hip and lively at its best.
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This place is the REVOLUTION! How can't it be? There's a various selection of good-quality grilled meat and seafood that you can choose from, and everything is below Rp. 100.000. If you admit that you're a huge fan of Ultimo in Bali, you'll fall in love with this place in an instant. Tasty food at cheap rates in Bali. What's not to love?
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Combining Indonesian local ingredients and French technique isn't something that most people can ace. Most of the time, we end up feeling outrageously dissatisfied for epic fail meals. This does not apply to this place, though. Creativity is the middle name. The smoked mackerel mayonnaise as seen above represents how exotic and fresh everything about this place is.
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This place brings out the best of Vietnam. From their dishes made out of the freshest ingredients, their strategic location, and the exciting yet authentic dining experience that they offer, this should be on top of your list of must-try Asian restaurants in Bali. Their duck meat wrap roll will smack your tongue in the way you've never imagined before.
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Taking Indonesia's favorite dish SATAY to the next level can only be done well at this place! Where else can you enjoy various kinds of satay served in a gourmet way? The meats are imported all the way from New Zealand and Australia, so they can guarantee true delicacy. Try their Sate Bebek, which is duck satay from Madura, with tasty and fresh peanut sauce!
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This whimsical-themed venue is a must-visit when you happen to be in Bali. One of Bali's most perfect hidden gems. You'll feel like you're in some kind of dreamland once you step into the area. There's even a mini zoo around the area! Everything is love at first sight!
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When you travel far away from home, you gotta admit that sometimes, you just wanna go back home for a bit. Then this place has the answer to your worries. Dynamic, colorful, and tropical, and yet, it does feel so homey. Sometimes the heart wants what it wants, right?