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7 Great Coffee Spots to Start Your Day in Bali

Matthew SultanMatthew Sultan
Coffee Bali1
7 Great Coffee Spots to Start Your Day in Bali
No doubt, coffee is one of the world’s most well-known beverages, and often claimed as the most widely consumed drinks in the world just after water (yes, H2O). Its success as a beverage is undoubtedly thanks to the caffeine it hosts, which stimulates a vibe of sensory pleasure. So, whether you want to start your day after a wild party the night before, or just right after you’re catching the sunrise you’ve always looked for, here’s our seven most recommended coffee spots in Bali for you to enjoy!
Photo Source:  Instagram
One of the tourists’ staples at Kerobokan, Watercress offers great coffee, and you’ll find them packed with patrons thanks to their excellence. For specialized drinks, we highly recommend their piccolo & coconut specialty. Food wise, they serve awesome angus burgers and BBQ spare ribs!  
Photo Source:  Instagram
Truly a great place to have your dose of iced based coffees, especially on Seminyak’s usual sunny day. One of the coffee landmarks at Seminyak, they don’t only serve great coffees because their juices and smoothies are awesome too! Also a great place to take pictures and chill especially if you’re into badass interior design.
Photo Source:  Instagram
Ran by some award-winning baristas, you can definitely expect a great coffee regardless of what you order. Hungry Bird is also the place for you if you’re into state-of-the-art coffee brewing equipment. This place is also great when you just want to chill with some friends, or work with PC, thanks to their comfy interior and reliable Wi-fi connection. Food wise, they serve great burgers and omelets!
Photo Source:  Instagram
This spot makes this list thanks to its consistency in serving not only great coffee, but also excellent food. Thanks to its décor, it’s a definite kid’s favorite as well! Would very highly recommend their scrambled tofu – which is nothing short of sensational. Definitely a great place to pair great coffee with an excellent dish!
Photo Source:  Instagram
If you’re into magical latte arts, this place is a definite must. Coffee itself is great, and with a very comfortable interior as well. Great coffee, good interior and awesome music. What can be a better place to chill with a friend?
Photo Source:  Sprudge
Seniman, in English, would translate to artisan, and Seniman’s coffee definitely lives up to their name. Inside, you’ll be seeing their baristas working with some magical techniques with their coffee drinks. This shop offers a great selection of coffee, paired with an almost magical short-bread as well. Would highly recommend to our coffee connoisseur friends!