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6 Social Media CONTENT Ideas For Restaurateurs!

Margareth StellaMargareth Stella
6 Social Media CONTENT Ideas For Restaurateurs! - Main Photo
6 Social Media CONTENT Ideas For Restaurateurs!
The existence of social media will not only help your restaurant business to grow, it also will help you to build a strong customer base, if they are engaged in the activities. Thus, it doesn't make sense, in the present time, if restaurants don't have the willingness to be active on social media.
For those restaurant owners who have been struggling with utilizing what social media has to offer, we have come to a conclusion that the issue might be the content. Here are some ideas you can try to improve it:


1. Dish of the day

Post a photo of an eye-catchy and/or delicious meal each day. It can be a breakfast, lunch, or dinner meal -- whatever you'd like. Add a few filters and you're good to go.

Engagement tip: Create a hashtag for a particular dish and ask customers who order it to review on social media. Reward them with a portion of dessert, for example, the next time they come in.

2. Recipe of the week

A recipe a week would be great, whether it is a recipe of an all-time favorite dish at your place, or maybe a seasonal dish that's only limited for a certain period of time. Or maybe, you can try posting a recipe of house favorite cocktail or mocktail.

Engagement tip: Host a contest that requires your customers to hand in their favorite recipe. Pick the winner every week, and reward them with something special, e.g. vouchers.

3. Behind the scenes

Building some intimacy with your customers would be a brilliant idea to strengthen your customer base even more. Post a set of pictures showing how your kitchen is doing, your team members, the activities off work.

Engagement tip: Ask your customers to post a question that they want to ask any team member or restaurant owner, and give them a shoutout.

4. Food tips

This can be very FUN! Spice it up a little bit with some fun tips and tricks that might be useful for them, whether it is which appetizer goes along well with earl grey tea, or which wine is suitable for pesto pasta.

Engagement tip: Ask your customers to share their tip(s) and credit them whenever you publish it with the tag 'tip of the month'.

5. Polls & surveys

This is a great idea if you want to increase engagement and build intimacy with your audience. The results of the polls and surveys you make can also be used for future post ideas. Examples of the prompts include, "What are your favorite coffee shops?" or "Which topping is the best for your pizza?"

Engagement tip: Collect data of the participants, pick a winner, and give them rewards.

6. This or that questions

Create questions that require customers to choose. This can be fun! For example, ask them to choose between chicken satay or pork satay. This is also to maximize engagement.

The ideas above can be used to strengthen the connection with your customers, by keeping your content consistent and relevant. Make your customers LOVE your restaurant just by correctly utilizing what social media has to offer.
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