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6 Best Spots For Indonesian Traditional Breakfast in Bali

Haetam AttamimyHaetam Attamimy
6 Best Spots For Indonesian Traditional Breakfast in Bali - Main Photo
6 Best Spots For Indonesian Traditional Breakfast in Bali
Whether you've been to Bali a few times before or just came as a first timer, you know you always want to spend less. Saving money doesn't have to be a torture, one of the greatest ways is to eat like a local!

Here's a list of every places you need to find for a cheap, traditional breakfast in Bali.
Photo Source:  openrice.com
Very famous in Jakarta, Bubur Ayam is one of the most important elements in Indonesia's breakfast behaviour. Served with shredded chicken meat, this rice congee is definitely a must try while you're in Indonesia.
Photo Source:  Lokal Warung & Coffee
We're going to talk a lot about Sanur and Lokal Warung & Coffee is the first thing to mention for one simple reason: it's a simple warung with good coffee. Try their great selection of Nasi Kuning!
Photo Source:  My Fun Food Diary
If you want a slight taste of something legendary, so should somehow sacrifice for it. In Nasi Bali Men Weti's case, that sacrifice means coming early. The wait would mean a long morning queue but trust us, it's definitely worth it!
Photo Source:  foursquare.com
Some areas in Indonesia have Lontong Sayur. In Bali, they have Tipat Kuah. If you have tried Lontong Sayur before, you'll notice that Tipat Kuah has richer ingredients. Complete with Bali's own traditional meal known as lawar.
Photo Source:  iamtripsy.wordpress.com
Craving for sweet breakfast instead? Head to Jl. Drupadi which located around Renon area and you'll find a place called Men Gabrug. Eating Jaje Laklak in this place is going to be a unique experience since Men Gabrug is still using the old-school method to serve their Jaje Laklak.

Traditional Jajanan at Pantai Matahari Terbit, Sanur

Photo Source:  Food in Frame Bali
This one is going to be the cheapest breakfast you'll have in Bali. With only Rp 5.000, you'll get a pack contains bubur sumsum, pisang rai dan klepon. Have no idea what those things are? Well now it's time to find out!