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6 Bali's Most Creative Classic Twists

Margareth StellaMargareth Stella
6 Bali's Most Creative Classic Twists - Main Photo
6 Bali's Most Creative Classic Twists
Classics are classics for a reason. At their core, classics are simply great tasting drinks. But more than just drinks, classic cocktails are evocative of earlier golden ages of drinking – periods in which cocktail cultures emerged and represented new eras of previously unseen levels of sophistication.

Including classic cocktails on drinks lists today is essential. They demonstrate that a bar has a fundamental understanding of cocktail culture and its heritage. As such, they lend a bar an air of expertise. Furthermore, choosing a classic cocktail from a drinks menu signifies that the guest is someone who recognizes sophistication.

Prove your sophistication and build your cocktail expertise by checking out these 5 outlets with truly creative classic twists.
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Pinky Smash
Inspired by a cross between a Whiskey Smash and Horse’s Neck, this original features a unique ginger flower syrup that brings the perfect balance of citrus, mint and spice.
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Bloody Mao Kung
The Bloody Mary gets kicked up a notch with peppery arugula-infused Ketel One Vodka and nam jim sauce.
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Bold Fashioned
The classic Old Fashioned takes on a rich cereal-grain note with an innovative syrup made from local Balinese red rice.
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Ruby Island Tea
This Long Island Iced Tea twist uses a cherry syrup that gives it a rich ruby color and fruitier flavor.
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Brooklyn Kings
A twist on the oft-forgotten Brooklyn Cocktail, this drink swaps Pimm’s No 1 for Amer Picon and tops it off with an Earl Grey orange foam.
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Spicy Bulleit Sour
The drink for spice lovers-- a Whiskey Sour that packs heat with a homemade spice syrup and a dab of chipotle.