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5 Chinese Restaurants In BALI For An Unforgettable CHINESE NEW YEAR!

Margareth StellaMargareth Stella
5 Chinese Restaurants In BALI For An Unforgettable CHINESE NEW YEAR! - Main Photo
5 Chinese Restaurants In BALI For An Unforgettable CHINESE NEW YEAR!
One of the perks of coming from the Chinese heritage, other than receiving tons of red envelopes, is to be able to meet up with the whole family to indulge in a lot of great food on Chinese New Year. If you happen to be in Bali on this big day, be sure to try one of these restaurants below for a superb CNY experience!
Photo Source:  baligo
Such a fantastic hidden gem located at the heart of Nusa Dua. This place will take you to a Chinese dining experience like no other. The atmosphere is authentic yet vibrant, making you feel like you're in another side of the world. Don't forget to have a taste of their abalone marinated in classic Awarta Signature sauce. You'll be surprised.
Photo Source:  panduanwisata
This is surely an extraordinary option for a festive CNY dinner. Other than its captivating interior outlook, incorporating China's authenticity, the food served here is also to die for! Their seafood options, including the scallop dishes, are must-try items that you surely don't want to miss.
Photo Source:  i-mag-online
Elegance is the term to represent how this restaurant is different with the others. The soft brown colors dominating the whole space and the scrumptious dishes will deliver a warm CNY dining experience right to your tongue and eyes!
Photo Source:  tuguhotels
It might look creepy at a glance, but this venue is actually something incredibly extraordinary. This place is a reconstruction of a private Chinese temple that existed in around 1706. While devouring their elegant Chinese dishes, you are able to learn the Chinese culture through its captivating artifacts and interior.
Photo Source:  fatchowbali
This is another kind of Chinese restaurant that will blow your mind off as well. Incorporating a modern and vibrant twist and a jaw-dropping view, they will definitely bring a spectacular experience to you!