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10 Restaurants in Bali with a GREAT Wine Selection

Kevin IrwanKevin Irwan
10 Restaurants in Bali with a GREAT Wine Selection - Main Photo
10 Restaurants in Bali with a GREAT Wine Selection
What's better than a glass (or more of course) of high quality wine while chilling in Bali's best restaurant and lounge. Combine it with a nice mouthwatering meals, and you'll get a guaranteed of an unforgettable evening. Lucky us, Bali is filled with loads of restaurants that serves great quality wine to match their fantastic meals.
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Merah Putih has established themselves as one of the favorite foodie spot in Bali. Merah Putih not only serves high quality food in their restaurant, but also a huge quality of wine list to accompany your every meal. If you're not really in the mood to sit in a restaurant, head straight to their bar which is a sophisticated destination in its own right. Head over to their walk-in wine cellar which elegantly showcases an impressive wine selection.
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After making themselves as the 'go to' place to get quality wines in Jakarta, Vin+ has arrived in Bali. Located in Bali's tourism hot spot, Vin+ is definitely THE place if you're looking for a chilled place to drink wine and relax. Their renowned wine store offers more than 300 varieties, and an in-house stock of over 18,000 bottles. Impressive!
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Who says burgers don’t go well with wine! This so called ‘diner’ actually serve a huge high quality selection of gourmet burgers, and to accompany their mouthwatering burgers, pair it with high quality wine from their impressive wine shop.
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Their bar offers an extensive wine list composed of more than 100 bottles of International wines! It’s just so perfect for this charming venue. Great meal selection throws great selection of wines into the mix, and your unforgettable romantic night is guaranteed.
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This fine dining establishment is located smack dab in the middle of Kuta. The elegant setting is the perfect venue for the gastronomy dining SIP offers, combine that with the amazing selection of Wines coming from all over the world.
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This humble French style Bistro is one of the current ‘go to’ spot in Bali. Offering stunning food and selection of wines that is perfect for every single one of your meals. The relaxing ambiance is the perfect setting for you to sip a glass of wine while enjoying Bali’s fresh air in the afternoon.
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Getting your skin kissed by the afternoon sun, while your hand is holding to a refreshing glass of white wine. Or feeling the night ocean breeze, while gazing at the stars up above, and having a glass of red wine to accompany your night. That’s truly enough reasons to head to Sakala right! Oh, and of course, they also serve mouthwatering killer dishes!
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Opened in 2010 by Chef Will Meyrick, Mama San has turn themselves into one of the most popular destination in Bali. Offering incredible Asian-based menus, Mama San is also known for their selection of wines. The wine selection they have is carefully curated to match all the meals they offered, so diners will definitely have a perfect dining experience.
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The ultimate dining (and drinking) experience, that’s the only way to describe this restaurant. The comfortable lounge area is filled with designer chairs, sofas and small tables, with a terrace overlooking the rice fields.
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This classy spot offers a huge selection from France, Chile, Australia and New Zealand, giving you a lot of options to accompany your evening. Winehouse is the perfect spot for you if you’re in the mood for a quiet night and far away from the crazy parties all around Bali.