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10 Hidden Gems In BALI That Serve Totally AMAZING Food!

Margareth StellaMargareth Stella
10 Hidden Gems In BALI That Serve Totally AMAZING Food! - Main Photo
10 Hidden Gems In BALI That Serve Totally AMAZING Food!
As the food capital of Indonesia, some people would visit Bali solely for its thriving culinary scene, which is a blessing and a curse. It is pretty challenging to keep up with, but at the same time, it provides a wide range of variety to explore through. Fortunately, amidst lots and lots of new restaurants, there are a few hidden gems in Bali that serve seriously fantastic food. Now let's find out.
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When we're talking about the competitive gastronomy industry in Bali, uniqueness should be prioritized. This place has flawlessly taken advantage of that opportunity. Here you can find delicious balls, including their very own meatballs and pumpkin balls. Psst, they're all healthy and organic!
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What's extraordinary about this place is the fact that even though it is literally a warung, it serves seriously delicious food. There are only 2 tables at this restaurant, so make your way now before you haven't got a spot to enjoy their fantastic gado-gado.
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Rustic and vintage. Not every restaurant can pull this theme off. This place is one of the rare ones. Having breakfast here will be totally worth your time, money, and effort. They serve various kind of local and Western food that suit everyone's taste buds. And oh, I mean, look at the view.
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Love refers to a vibrant, modern Asian dining place, somewhere between the town, that serves food not only limited to the typical fried noodles. Other than its beautiful interior, the food here is totally mouthwatering. One example is their Asian wok noodles. Warning in advance, it's not an ordinary plate of fried noodles. Seriously good!
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As the name already suggests, this place is situated in the rice paddy fields at the heart of beautiful Ubud. Now think about these three elements. Healthy and organic meals. Serene setting. Tropical breeze. Combine all of them, and you'll get a dining experience like no other. This is the place to have it all.
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Calling all locals, looking for comfort food that tastes really similar to your mother's home-cooked meals? Worry not. It is everything that this place serves. Comfort food at reasonable prices. What's not to love, seriously?
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All I can say about this place is that it's extraordinarily captivating. One reason is that it is nestled amidst tranquil ponds and gardens. The second one is that it serves an extensive variety of great food, including its Veggie Noki Mari that's healthy yet scrumptious. The third one is its romantic ambience that's very distinguished.
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Indulging in their delicate buffet menu while satisfying your sightseeing needs at the same time? This place is totally worth the drive. Enjoy the wonderful view of Mount Batur while getting your tummies filled with good food!
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As the name suggests, this little cafe is a true hidden gem at the heart of Nusa Dua. The interior is dominated with soothing and vibrant blue color, representing the serene ocean blue in Bali. Be the first among your friends to try its amazing coffee and sandwiches!
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Taking your loved one out to a fancy dinner? Look no further than this place. You'll get to indulge in various kinds of local and French cuisine, while sipping down your favorite wine and enjoying the one-of-a-kind sunset view. It will be a night to remember.