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10 Nasi Campur In BALI That Will Smack Your Tongue!

Margareth StellaMargareth Stella
10 Nasi Campur In BALI That Will Smack Your Tongue! - Main Photo
10 Nasi Campur In BALI That Will Smack Your Tongue!
It's a secret no more that Bali's very own dish is their mighty Nasi Campur. No wonder though, it is as assorted as the cultures on the island and as good as the sound of the waves you hear by Seminyak Beach. Without further due, let's find out which places have got the best Nasi Campur in Bali!
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Healthy protein, carbohydrates, veggies, you name it. Everything your tongue and your body need on a plate. You only need to grab Rp. 35.000 to Rp. 40.000 from your pocket for this delicate plate of Nasi Campur.
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This traditional plate of Nasi Campur consists of white rice, veggies, super tasty perkedel or potato cake, egg, tofu, and tempeh. Having this for lunch will make you miss home terribly, but don't worry. Their refreshing traditional desserts will come to the rescue.
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Local food at its best. With only below Rp. 30.000, you'll be able to get your starving tummies full. There are various kinds of dishes to choose from, including their incredibly good chicken dishes and sate lilit. No wonder it's always very crowded!
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One of the pioneers of authentic Nasi Campur in town. All you need is one plate of their Nasi Campur (Rp. 43.000) and your day will be made sweet. One of the most complete plates we've ever come across. You won't leave this place feeling unsatisfied!
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What makes this plate of Nasi Campur different from others is indeed their amazing salted fish! It's crunchy and when paired with white rice and the seasoned egg, it tastes even better. Simple yet satisfying.
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Nasi Campur with one of the most extraordinary presentations you'll ever find! All dishes are served in separate bowls, maintaining the original flavor of each and every one of them. Don't forget to have a bite of their Sate Lilit, first thing first. The delicious flavor will explode in your mouth instantly. Must try when visiting Ubud.
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Think you're looking at some foodporn? Yes, without further due, feel free to cruise down to this place and have some delicious local flavor here! One place we'll always come back to, no matter what.
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The ingredients used to make a plate of Nasi Campur are totally fresh. That's why every bite of it tastes out of this world! We fell in love at the first bite with their prawns. Coated with tasty flavors until the very last bite. Yummy!
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This is one of the most popular Nasi Campur places, no doubt. One plate will cost you around Rp. 30.000. Our favorite's indeed the spicy shredded chicken. Authenticity at its best.
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If you're really starving right now, don't hesitate, immediately drive down to this place and have your tummies filled with goodness. The portion of the Nasi Campur is quite big. And oh, their crispy chicken skin is seriously to die for! They don't speak lies. It's really crispy and oh-so-flavorful.