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Fellexandro Ruby
32 photos29 reviewsSep 25, 2013
This is the place to go for better steak. And when I say better I mean compared to the lately shrooming 'affordable flashy' kind of 'holy' steak in Jakarta. Why? 1. Flavor While the rest of the market are busy showering BBQ / Blackpepper / Mushrooom sauces on their meat, this place recognize no such thing called sauce. They go for seasoning instead. A few of the stood out ones for me was the Lemon Herbs Pt. II and their Beerloin. Marinated in beer for a period of time, it add tenderness to the meat and an extra unique flavor. 2. Quality Ingredients I don't question whether those who claimed their steak as wagyu are really serving high grade wagyu, but what I know is Super Steak know their meat. 200 grams of goodness. It let the meat speak for itself without messing it around with sauces. 3. Experience Chances are Om Mashud, the owner of the place will come around and say hi to you and begin telling his stories and listen to your stories as well. A very interesting person to talk to being an ex-photographer and reporter himself. On his best mood, he'll ask you to take a photo with him and the next thing you know it will end up in the wall of fame. I'm a fan already even only after one visit. Been coming back for home-style steak. It's a bit on the pricey end at 150-200k, but its worth it. Read the full reviews and photos here:
in InstagramNov 17, 2017
Beef sashimi! Daging fresh yang digrill sebentar bagian luarnya, diperas pake jeruk sedikit, trus pas mau nyuap dicocol sedikit ke bumbu spesialnya....luar biasa! Tapi hati-hati ya kalau mau makan ini, soalnya bisa nagih 😏
Umi Fadilah
4 photos1 reviewsJul 27, 2013
SUPER STEAK. They have two branches right now, with the main outlet located in Jl. Dempo, Kebayoran and has quite a homey & laid-back ambience, because this gem is literally hidden inside a housing complex with security-guarded portal. The other branch is much easier to find, in Urban Kitchen Senayan City (although there is some slight price difference). I have tried both outlets, and I’d have to say that the main branch in Jl. Dempo gives a more personal experience. Here you won't find any regular, ordinary sauces such as BBQ, mushroom, etc. Here, it's all about the MEAT. Needless to say, their steak do not need any sauce no more. The high quality ingredients, combined with the right cooking techniques and unique flavor selection is all that is, everything just speaks out for themselves. And I like my steak just like that. If you’re the type to avoid much bloated creamy sauce, the ‘overwhelmingly wet’ steak dressing, and are just aiming for simplicity and tastier high quality steak, then you should definitely give SUPER STEAK a try. This is an Australian outback’s steak style, done from a humble home-eatery concept. Price-wise, it's actually a bit pricey. Prepare around 150-200k per person. Tip: if you eat at Dempo outlet, you can ask for 'Classic Butter Garlic', it's said to be a hidden menu. There's also some other 'secret menu' so you'll have to go there and ask yourself ;)
in InstagramNov 7, 2017
It’s just not a normal steak, it’s really a super steak with a great presentation and perfect taste. • • 📍: @super_steak , Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara
in InstagramOct 20, 2017
A perfect dinner on an exhaustinf Friday. Happy Dinner! • • 📍: @super_steak , Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara
in InstagramOct 11, 2017
Giant Beef Skewers 🍡🍢 • • 📍: @super_steak , Pantai Indah Kapuk
in InstagramOct 6, 2017
The best BEEF SASHIMI in town...!!! • • 📍: @super_steak , Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara
in InstagramOct 9, 2017
Giant beef skewers! Daging ukuran besarnya lembut dengan bumbu manis gurih yang meresap sampe ke dalemnya, dilengkapi sama potongan paprika dan bawang bombay. Mending langsung nonton video ini deh di channel kita. Klik link di bio ya!
in InstagramSep 29, 2017
SUPER STEAK - Rukan Gold Coast, Bukit Golf Mediterania, Pantai Indah Kapuk •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Para penggemar steak yang tinggal di daerah Jakarta Selatan, pasti sidah tidak asing lagi dengan nama @super_steak. Dimulai dari garasi rumah di Jalan Dempk, Kebayoran Baru, pada tahun 2011, Super Steak kini hadir di kawasan PIK untuk menjangkau steak lovers yang tinggal di kawasan Jakarta Utara dan Jakarta Barat. • • Buat aku pribadi, semua steak akan sama saja. Mulai dari dagingnya yang setengah alot dan sausnya yang beraneka ragam pilihan. Setelah mencoba sendiri Super Steak, ternyata saya baru pernah makan steak yang sesungguhnya. Super Steak berbeda karena menggunakan daging dengan kualitas terbaik yang hanya dibumbui dengan bahan-bahan racikan spesial dan kemudian didiamkan dalam waktu yang cukup lama sehingga bumbunya meresap ke dalam daging dan tidak perlu banyak saus ketika menikmatinya. • • Super Steak sendiri memiliki beberapa menu pilihan seperti Buttered Garlic Steak, Lemon Herbs Steak, Beef Sashimi, Beef Skewers, dan yang terbaru adalah Smoked Brisket di mana proses masaknya membutuhkan waktu sekitar 13 jam sebelum akhirnya siap disantap. Untuk beberapa menu, kita dapat memilih jenis daging yang diinginkan, seperti Sirloin, Tenderloin, dan Rib-Eye yang pastinya tingkat kematangannya disesuaikan sesuai permintaan. • • Dari segi harga, bisa dikatakan “value for money”, apalagi sekarang lagi ada promo di mana setiap kita meng-upload foto makanan yang kita pesan dan mention serta tag Instagram @super_steak, maka akan mendapatkan diskon sebesar 10%. Jadi tunggu apalagi? Rasakan kenikmatan steak yang sesungguhnya hanya di @super_steak ! • • #supersteakpik #beefsashimijkt #smokedbrisketjkt #beststeakpik
in InstagramSep 9, 2017
Beef Sashimi @super_steak @supersteak.pik 🐮👌🏼 Shared By: @alwinjs #jktfoodbang

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