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Potato Head Garage

3.86 reviews
European • SCBD • Start from 300K
Opening Hours
Tuesday18:00 - 01:00
Wednesday18:00 - 01:00
Thursday18:00 - 01:00
Friday18:00 - 02:00
Saturday18:00 - 02:00
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Menu of Potato Head Garage

Potato Head Garage - menu 0
Potato Head Garage - menu 1
Potato Head Garage - menu 2
Potato Head Garage - menu 3
Potato Head Garage - menu 4

Photos of Potato Head Garage

 Potato Head Garage Deriyan Yullesmana 600378
 Potato Head Garage iqra rabika 600002
 Potato Head Garage iqra rabika 599633
 Potato Head Garage Sigit Prasetyo 599475
 Potato Head Garage Nimas Arini 595224
Fairgrounds, SCBD Lot 14, Jl. Jenderal SudirmanShow In Google Maps >
Once an abandoned 2,000-square-meter stadium, Potato Head Garage is now one of the best places in Jakarta to have dinner, hear live music or dance the night away. Best known for its popular events such as Peaches and Cream, Press Play and Curtain Club, Potato Head Garage also has a gourmet dinner menu and can host private events and functions.

Reviews of Potato Head Garage

6 ratings
 - Wisnu Aditya
Wisnu Aditya
0 photo1 reviewApr 30, 2017
 - Pramavita Iswardhani
Pramavita Iswardhani
0 photo1 reviewMar 19, 2016
 - Fen Fen
Fen Fen
0 photo1 reviewDec 17, 2014
The food is only so so but the price is really expensive for this kind of food. The portion is so small. The service very slow and lousy. It tooks about 1 hour from we order until they served and it is not peak. The place is really beautiful and nice.
 - Steven Kim
Steven Kim
0 photo1 reviewJul 31, 2014
I bet everybody knows this place by now but really love the interior and ambience. Chic, super spacious, classy, nice massive bar...just something you wouldn't have seen anywhere. Great place for drinks, pre-partying hangout. Food wise a bit pricy. The burgers are really good as you would expect from the great burgers from Potatohead and Three buns but hope the steak is served without pre-cutting it. Steak got cold too quickly. Really not great to enjoy the great juices of the meat. Definitely a recommend!
 - Rodrigo Cardoso
Rodrigo Cardoso
0 photo1 reviewJul 19, 2014
Good food but does the portion have to be so small? Great variety of drinks. I still have to ask for less sugar, but I know I'm the one who's against the tide here. And doesn't the place look gorgeous at night with all those chandeliers?
 - Brian Jung
Brian Jung
0 photo1 reviewSep 22, 2013
A new opening in a rapidly changing building, i heard about this in a magazine review so i decided to go check it out for myself. The relatively inconspicuous entrance opens up into a massive space, probably a former warehouse. Massive crystal chandeliers, white table cloth, and double tall candles adorned every table. A central bar station and a grand piano clearly puts this place in the fancy shmancy category. An interesting and creative menu design asks you to open up little window slits in the paper to reveal the menu underneath. Creative but perhaps not so utilitarian as it can take a moment to peel back the slits. The menu itself was fairly simple and there weren't a lot of variety - mostly meats (steaks of all kinds and cuts), with a few salads, pastas, and appetizers offered. The drink list was quite massive though and they offered many different kind of wines. As the menu seemed heavy on the steaks i decided to try a Black Angus 200g cut, Medium Rare and the Crab Cake appetizer. They asked me what kind of "sauce" i wanted on my steak and this immediately raised a red flag. An expensive and high quality steak should not have sauces slathered over it. Simple seasoning with a garnish itself should be enough. The steak arrived and was quite enough for me at 200g (they also offer 400g) on a steak grill plate. I had problems initially because the steak knife was not sharp enough and couldn't cut the steak well, i had problems cutting a piece. Also the plate had ridges so that added another complexity when trying to cut the meat. When i finally managed a cut i was dismayed to see that they had under cooked the meat, it was a dark flashy red. I had to ask them to refire it. When it came back it was done perfectly - pink and light red throughout. I was disappointed with the seasoning as well, there was no salt on it and i had to ask for rock salt and pepper to add. Unfortunately this didn't help much and the meat itself seemed not fresh and lacked taste and flavor. The crab cakes on the other hand were amazing. Unfortunately you only get one ball the size of a golf ball, but the small side salad with a tangy vinaigrette, fresh slices of purple onion and the spicy sauce that came with was delicious. I would go back just for the crab cake and the salad. I always try to give places a chance by sampling other menu so while i don't think the steaks are good here, i would go back to try some other dishes. Strangely enough considering the name i didn't see any potato dishes or potato specialties on the menu. The service was good but i think considering the size of the place it will be a challenge to flag down a waiter if you're seated alongside the fringes of the space.

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