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4.810 reviews
Western • Pondok Indah • 200K - 300K
Opening Hours
Tuesday18:00 - 00:00
Wednesday18:00 - 00:00
Thursday18:00 - 00:00
Friday18:00 - 00:00
Saturday18:00 - 00:00
Sunday18:00 - 00:00
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Menu of Mockingbird

Mockingbird - menu 0

Photos of Mockingbird

 Mockingbird Karina Marpaung 617951
 Mockingbird Sigit Prasetyo 610883
 Mockingbird Sigit Prasetyo 610600
 Mockingbird Sigit Prasetyo 598445
 Mockingbird Yugo Prabowo 596740
Food Court Pondok Indah, Jl. Metro Pondok IndahShow In Google Maps >
Mockingbird Is Located On Jalan Metro Pondok Indah In A Bustling Square Of Open-Fronted Restaurants Selling Simpler Fare, Such As Fried Rice, Sate And Artery-Clogging Martabak. It Is A Single, Small Square Room With A Bare Concrete Floor. There Are Two Long Tables, Each Of Which Could Seat Eight To 10 People. The Walls Are Painted A Dazzling, Bright White; The Only Adornment Is The Mockingbird Logo (A Cross Between An Aztec Painting And The Batman Sign) In Black On The Back Wall. Diners Are Offered A Choice Of Three Bafflingly Named Set Menus: Underwater Fireworks, The Flying Goat, And Cow Me To The Moon, Each Meal Being Based Around A Different Type Of Protein. Predictably, Underwater Fireworks Is Their Seafood Menu: Seared Canadian Sea Scallops, Crispy Skinned Barramundi, Followed (As Are The Other Menus) By A Choice Of Two Desserts. The Mysterious Goat Menu, Which Doesn’t Contain Any Goat, Is Twice-Cooked Chicken Wings As The Starter And Tandoori-Spiced Lamb Chops For The Main Course. Finally, The Cow Option Is Wagyu Beef Tartar With A Poached Egg, Followed By An Australian Tenderloin Steak.

Reviews of Mockingbird

10 ratings
 - Jessica P
Jessica P
0 photo1 reviewOct 17, 2021
 - Dini Yobelien
Dini Yobelien
0 photo1 reviewAug 11, 2016
Enak dan terjangkau
Tempatnya mudah ditemukan, tapi agak susah untuk cari parkir dekat restonya. Makanannya enak, susananya juga enak. Dan yang paling bikin seneng banyak gratisannya.. Heheheh.. Jadi kalo upload makanan ke sosmed kita bisa dapet free drink. dan juga ada free set untuk yang ultah.. Balik lagi?? Of course.. :D
 - Ryan santoso
Ryan santoso
0 photo1 reviewJul 8, 2016
 - Arindra Arindra
Arindra Arindra
0 photo1 reviewJun 2, 2016
Best value for money
The first time experiencing fine dining. We went there last month, so it's still Season 4 and the theme was #mockingbirdfairytale The place is small, they only have 5 or six tables with simple design. However, the ambiance was very nice, the candle light and the music were quite romantic. The service was excellent. The chef served the food very fast, and the staffs were very helpful and kind. Another good thing is that Mockingbird offer you free one set menu on your birthday. Yes, I'm not kidding here =) We decided to order set menu B & C, and of course I took set menu C The Golden Deer. - the entree consisted of goat cheese and slices of beetroot - the main course consisted of venison leg and eel - the dessert was a white chocolate bomb with green tea pana cotta The menu on set C was rich on taste, they were sweet, sour, and salty at the same time. Very good in a unique way. In overall we had one of the best dining experience here, and on a reasonable price too. Highly recommended. You should try Mockingbird at least once in your lifetime (even better on your birthday).
 - Achmad Farhan
Achmad Farhan
0 photo1 reviewMay 11, 2016
Birthday Dinner Terbaik
Awesome, Buat yang ingin ngrasain pengalaman Fine Dining ini Bisa jadi Pilihan yang Tepat, Tempat Bagus walaupun terlihat kecil dari Luar, Kaya Rasa di setiap gigitan. Yang Paling the Best itu Menu Set B, Tenderloinnya Melted banget dimulut dan Rasanya Aduheii.
 - Genta Ermaji
Genta Ermaji
0 photo1 reviewMay 2, 2016
Affordable fine-dining experience
Jangan salah sangka, harga makanannya tidak murah tapi kalau disetarakan dengan kualitas makanan, atmosfir, dan pelayanannya, harganya sangat pantas. Makanan yang dibuat oleh chefnya sangat penuh rasa, disajikan dengan tampilan berseni, dan yang paling penting: porsinya mengenyangkan. Suasana tempatnya romantis dan "hangat", walaupun lokasi restorannya tidak sesuai dengan temanya (dipinggir jalan dan diantara tempat-tempat makan tradisional yg lebih "merakyat"). Poin terakhir, pelayanannya cukup tanggap dan sopan. Kesimpulannya, tempat ini patut dicoba kalau kamu ingin mencicipi suasana fine-dining tanpa harus mengeluarkan uang banyak--especially with your loved ones.

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