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About Lin artisan ice cream kemang

Lin introduces people to the making of fresh handmade ice creams using fresh ingredients, no colorings & artificial flavors and also without preservatives. For example if you ordered their signature Lemon Sorbet, they’ll squeeze the lemons right in front of you before adding them with sugar & water to the KitchenAid mixer that has been connected with the N2 tube through a small regulated pipe. Wait for less than 5 minutes, then voila, there’s your fluffy ice cream. LIN offers 2 type of ice cream: Gelato (+milk) and Sorbet (without milk; usually for fresh fruits). There are over 7 gelato menus and 5 sorbet menus that you can choose of: Tea Essence Aromatic, Vanilla Choc Rice, Cheesy Cheese Strawberry Bites, Frozen Espresso, Ultimate Chocolate Choco Chips; and Lemon/Banana/Strawberry/Passion Fruit Sorbet. Whenever you’re feeling adventurous you can also try their alcohol-contained ice cream such as Rum & Raisin, Smiley Baileys, and Beer Pong Ice Cream. All priced IDR 36k – 39k, except for the alcohol version, starts from IDR 59k – 69k.
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Enak2 bangett dsini.. nyaman jg buat tmpt santai :)) gelatonya enak bngt..syg lupa dfoto 😅
One of The Best (Probably).I went here 6 times already. The first time I went here was during the Halloween season last year (2015). Afterwards I couldn't move on. I don't know how they do it, but their ice cream has the perfect balance of sweetness. It's not too sweet, but still creamy enough, it doesn't melt as fast as other nitrogen ice creams I have tried with a very reasonable price and portion as well. The place itself is very comfy! Just what we need for a little chat with friends.
Who doesn't like Ice Cream ?? I think everybody like it, because some fact says that eating ice cream can relaxing your mind, hmmm so I would like to tell you a story about ice cream shop that will give you a new experience of eating ice cream !! let's say LIN Artisan Ice Cream Located in Kemang , it's a great spot for hang out, LIN Artisan Ice Cream be a first shop that using Liquid Nitrogen to freeze the ice cream, so they don't need ice cream machine or even refrigerator. They make ice ... Read more
Sebagai pendatang baru di Kemang, sebetulnya LIN memiliki banyak potensi dibandingkan tempat-tempat lain yang bertemakan sebatas bar/pub atau restoran pada umumnya. Liquid Nitrogen menjadi senjata utama bagi LIN untuk menciptakan berbagai kreasi es krimnya dan tentu ini otomatis menjadikannya pionir dalam bidang ini. Namun tentu perjalanan panjang bagi LIN tampak sejak kedatangan saya untuk kali perdana ke sana. LIN tampil sedikit bersembunyi tidak jauh dari jalan raya dan masuk ke wilayah Ta... Read more
Hari ini ditutup dengan icecream, ini salah satu tempat icecream favorit dikemang. Icecream nitrogen nya lembut dan enak banget. Pesen apa aja semuanya enak dan kali ini pesen strawberry icecream dan asem dikit tp enaknya banyak.. 😋😋😋
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