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Blenger Burger - banner 0
4.68 reviews
Hours 10:00 - 21:00Closed

Menu of Blenger Burger

Blenger Burger - menu 0

Photos of Blenger Burger

Blenger Burger 1162389
Blenger Burger 1078125
endessssss Blenger Burger faty karyasamitha 449444
Blenger Burger photo D' Hoek  193164
D' Hoek, Jl. Bintaro UtamaShow In Google Maps >
Opening Hours
Mon - Sun 10:00 - 21:00
Blenger Burger is not ordinary burger. Their size is quite big with a special creamy mayonnaise. A perfect match for your hungry.
Go Food
Parking Area
Take Away
Delivery Service
Outdoor Seats
Smoking Area
Casual Dining

Reviews of Blenger Burger

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Blenger Burger - Wisu Suntoyo
Wisu Suntoyo
95 photos31 reviewsNov 19, 2017
pesen via gojek
Bingung mau makan apaan.. Buka qraved dapet inspirasi trus pesen via gojek..
 Blenger Burger Wisu Suntoyo 583211
 Blenger Burger Wisu Suntoyo 583210
 Blenger Burger Wisu Suntoyo 583209
Blenger Burger - arjuna arwadi
arjuna arwadi
0 photos10 reviewsFeb 23, 2017
pemadam lapar pas pulang kerja, mampir bentar beli cheese burger lumayan ada makanan pas laper di jalan
Blenger Burger - Pratita Kusuma
Pratita Kusuma
0 photos6 reviewsNov 29, 2016
big sized burger patty, large amount of delicious mayo, and cheap.. it was one of my favorite dish when i were in college. last time i went there, it still maintaining the size and the quality of the mayo as well as the affordable price, however the beef patty is too dry, no longer as juicy as before.
Blenger Burger - Rakhmah Sarinovita
Rakhmah Sarinovita
0 photos4 reviewsJul 9, 2016
the taste is great.. but the queue ooh.. my..
taste of this burger is awesome.. with the medium price, we get a good taste of burger.. I like all of the burger menu, with cheese or without.. the taste of the meat is unique.. u will feel the difference. one think that I can't handle is when I buy this burger.. the queue.. ohh my.. so.. when you passed this outlet and see this place without the queue, better you stop immediately and buy this burger.. :)
Blenger Burger - Ryan @kumisbuncit
Ryan @kumisbuncit
135 photos188 reviewsApr 9, 2016
Sabtu siang bingung makan apa? mending pesen Burger blenger delivery pake ojek online. Namanya Cheese Burger X2 harga cuma 30k dan burgernya enak + bikin kenyang. pokoknya enak banget dan ngangenin rasa burgernya.
Blenger Burger photo D' Hoek  193164

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