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Blacklisted is not your ordinary coffee shop. Headed by Saxon Wright, a head judge for World Barista Competition and a well known coffee expert, they are here to stay and make some of the nicest blend of coffee for their customers. At Blacklisted all their coffee beans are freshly roasted daily and kept in stock for at least 4 days to get them into their best condition before finally grind and brew them. Not stopping at that, they also have a good line up of pastries especially great for breakfast. Nothing beats the simply pleasure of warm almond croissant with a cup of joe. For lunch and heavier eats, their Javanese Spaghetti is quite popular here as it brings out Italian pasta at its best and combine it with local flavor. Imagine having a plateful of al dente spaghetti in green chili sauce with shrimp and shredded chicken. Yum!
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Reviews of Blacklisted

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Andree Lim
19 photos15 reviewsMay 1, 2016
Black burger
I order pink prawn fettuccine & blacklisted beef burger, the burger is outstandingly good & tasty. Don't judge a food by its color. Just because its black, it doesn't mean its bad. Well unless a burn sate, that's another different story 😁
in InstagramMay 15, 2017
Blacklisted's Coffee Glazed Wedges. A hint of bitterness from the coffee and a slight punch of spicy from the mustard sauce, showering the steaming freshly fried wedges.
Merry Lia
369 photos131 reviewsMay 1, 2016
Black burger
Enak koq.. There's a crispy surprise when I bite in into it. Onion rings! Haha.. Seru sih.. Tp meat-nya agak sedikit dry ya. And side dishnya dapet potato wedges.. Nah ini enak nih, tp kurang banyak πŸ˜…
in InstagramApr 15, 2017
Adrian Sulaiman
0 photos6 reviewsMay 5, 2014
The salad is good. the food is good. The price is not too expensive but you get what you pay for. Did I mention the salad is good?? :)
Mullie Marlina
61 photos32 reviewsJul 27, 2013
Blacklisted merupakan salah satu coffee shop baru yang dibuka akhir tahun lalu dan berlokasi di Puri Indah Mall. Tempatnya kecil tapi suasana di dalamnya yang teduh dan nyaman membuat siapapun yang datang akan merasa betah. Blacklisted bukan hanya sebagai coffee shop tapi mereka juga menjual aneka makanan seperti appetizer, main course dan dessert menarik untuk dicoba. Aku pernah mencoba Cappuccino Chicken seharga Rp. 52.000,- dan Spaghetti Blacklisted seharga Rp. 48.000,- . Di antara kedua menu ini, aku lebih suka dengan Cappucino Chicken yang disajikan dengan penataan yang menarik, seporsi Chicken Katsu yang sudah dipotong-potong, disajikan dengan Mashed Potato dan sayuran salad. Daging ayamnya empuk dan bumbu saus yang dicampur dengan kopi Cappucino ini rasanya enak sekali. Love it! Sedangkan pasta Spaghetti Blacklisted yang berwarna kehijauan dan disajikan dengan 2 buah udang diatasnya ini kurang enak rasanya. Udangnya pun juga ternyata hanya sebagai hiasan, daging udang hanya sedikit sekali. Minuman Homemade Lemonade seharga Rp. 20.000,- nya enak, rasa asem-asem dari lemonnya segar. Jika terlalu asam, bisa juga kita tambahkan dengan gula cair yang disediakan. Overall, yang berkesan bagi aku saat ini hanya Cappuccino Chicken dan Homemade Lemonade-nya saja. I'm still curious to try other menu, so I might coming back again.
in InstagramFeb 26, 2017
Norwegian salmon with lemon beurre blanc 🐟 #foodshare from @blacklistedcoffee β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’ Oowww these so healthy and delicious food, rich in important Omega 3 fatty acid, the healthy oil, which will help lower high cholesterol naturally Healthy food for healthy life!!! πŸ‘ β€’ β€’ In frame : Pan seared salmon with lemon butter sauce, served with sauteed seasonal vegetables and mashed potato Price : IDR 108K β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’ Location : blacklisted, puri indah mall, lt ground, jl puri indah raya, puri indah, jakarta
in InstagramJan 31, 2017
πŸ†•πŸ†• Salted egg special menu from Blacklisted, DOUBLE DECKER CHICKEN BURGER! Generous double deep-fried chicken breasts with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, double cheese, and salted egg sauce in their signature black burger bun. Served in a huge and satisfying portionπŸ‘ŒπŸ» . For their salted egg special menu, they also have chicken fajita, tempura salad, toast, croissant and many more with salted egg ingredients and filling. Make sure to try em! ... Price: IDR 68K Location: Blacklisted, Ciputra World Lotte Shopping Avenue 1st Floor, Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio, Karet, Jakarta πŸ“· IG: @blacklistedcoffee

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