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β€œTaking a bite from a foreign cuisine is always an adventure. But nothing brings us closer to a culture than experiencing its food.” That is how Bibigo starts to attract eager Korean diners in town. Owned by CJ Foods, the biggest Korean food company since 1978 in US, Bibigo is now in β€œMichelin Guide 2014” for its branch in London. Feel the Korean culture through its distinctive wooden furniture surrounded with Soju bottles. Start with the appetizer, Red Chicken, deep-fried chicken glazed with sweet and spicy Kohot sauce. There are 4 types of sauce here; Kohot sauce, Citron Soy, Sesame sauce, and Ssam sauce, the last one is usually use as a dipping sauce. Taste their Korean BBQ, choose one of Hot Stone Galbi or Hot Stone Chicken, both tender meats are marinated in Bibigo BBQ sauce, serve with wrapping lettuces. Experience a pleasant authentic and healthy Korean food here.
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Reviews of Bibigo

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Norman Dolok Saribu
4 photos4 reviewsFeb 20, 2017
recommended for those who want fast lunch meeting or family dinner, take a lunch box menu it will be simply for any occasion in your office.
in InstagramMar 1, 2017
Fallin in love with this Bulgogi Japchae from @bibigo.id !! Udah pesen yang large tapi size nya kecil πŸ˜… . . Bulgogi Japchae (L) Rp 90.000 πŸ“Bibigo Pacific Place Mall Jakarta More food review on the blog www.gagaldiett.wordpress.com
Immanuel Ambhara
27 photos31 reviewsNov 24, 2016
Tried the Bibigo Bibimbap and loved it, though I was wondering why it wasn't served in a hot stone bowl. They also gave us appetizer and dessert as compliment with unknown reason.
in InstagramJun 23, 2016
Cheese Dakgalbi Bibimbap ini merupakan menu yang wajib banget kamu pesen, apalagi buat kamu penggemar keju! Daging ayam yang dibumbui dengan saus manis pedas ala Korea dicampur dengan nasi dan diberi topping keju mozzarella ini dijamin enak banget. Dakgalbi Bibimbap ini cocok banget dipadukan dengan sup dan kimchi sebagai pelengkap makan kamu. Mau coba? mampir ke @bibigo.id
Chaerreza Rahmanda
30 photos31 reviewsAug 7, 2016
Makan enak, kenyang!
Ekspektasi pertama kali kesini ngiranya kaya restoran korea pada umumnya, dan ternyata diluar ekspektasi! Kimchinya ga terlalu asem, bibimbapnya rasanya pun enak!
in InstagramNov 4, 2015
Green taco! Kindly check our blog for more about @bibigo.id :) have a good lunch #diarymakan #greentaco #lunch #korea #koreanfood
Bayu Gumilang
66 photos14 reviewsJul 30, 2016
Always a euphoric ending!
Cheesy Dakgalbi Bibimbap dan Spicy Chicken Dakgalbi nya juaraaa! Selalu bikin kangen hahah.
+ 11
in InstagramOct 31, 2015
Have a good dinner! Here, Spicy cheese Dak Galbi by @bibigo.id 😍 Contains Japchae, Dak Galbi (grilled chicken) and generous cheese, a real temptation tho #diarymakan #cheese #korean #dakgalbi #chicken #japchae #cheesy #korean #korea
Fonny Felicya
68 photos19 reviewsJul 17, 2016
Like it 😍😍😍
Love this restaurant, makanan nya enak2 d sini, suka sama samgyetang nya cuma gw gak suka nya kenapa itu d dlm chicken nya hrus d isi nasi sie (nasi nya terlalu lembek dan lengket kek ketan gtu jadi nya, ini yg buat gw jd kurang suka) tp yg lain nya enak, cobain galbi hot stone dan la galbi hot stone juga enak, sayang isi nya cm dkit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Note : dapet free bubur kacang ijo porsi imut2, salad dan mashed potato
+ 3
in InstagramOct 30, 2015
Hot stone galbi by @bibigo.id ulalala Love this sweet - salty taste tho' #diarymakan

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