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A Gantea

4.843 reviews
Beverages • Kelapa Gading • Below 100K
Opening Hours
Monday10:00 - 22:00
Tuesday10:00 - 22:00
Wednesday10:00 - 22:00
Thursday10:00 - 22:00
Friday10:00 - 22:00
Saturday10:00 - 22:00
Sunday10:00 - 22:00
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Menu of A Gantea

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A Gantea - menu 1
A Gantea - menu 2
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Photos of A Gantea

A Gantea photo Mall of Indonesia  271361
Mall of Indonesia, Lantai 2, Food Park, Jl. Boulevard Barat RayaShow In Google Maps >
A Gantea is now ready to serve Jakarta’s crowd with the finest tea. We believe tea is a language and expression of emotion in that every sip of the sweetness is a new paragraph of story and warmth. From planting, selecting, roasting, to picking out tea leaves with one-tip two-leaf by hand, we persist in delivering you a high quality of beverage in fair prices. Each of tea cup is made daily with an accurate control time, temperature, and water quality to ensure the freshness of our product.

Reviews of A Gantea

43 ratings
 - Oky Interistiany
Oky Interistiany
0 photo1 reviewApr 28, 2016
#QravedSurprise woww mantap sekali menu" minuman di agantea, enak ni avocado.nya.. semua minumannya enak", pengen terus"n beli dan nyobain semua menunyaa.. pelayananya ramah, bikin betahh.. hehe..
 - Ancha Djhoee
Ancha Djhoee
0 photo1 reviewApr 28, 2016
good service,,
service agantea ga kalah sama service d restoran gede, org2'y pd ramah2, puas rasa'y beli d agantea,, manis'y pas, porsi'y pas, harga jg lumayan pas,, hehehee #qravedsurprise
 - Indra Rahardja
Indra Rahardja
0 photo1 reviewApr 28, 2016
a gantea
paling sering beli yg jasmine milk tea, pudingnya lembut, ini minuman recomend banget, untuk menu pudingnya di tambahin donk varian rasa nya mantappppp bangeett #QravedSurprise
 - Anty Mustika
Anty Mustika
0 photo1 reviewApr 28, 2016
nice tasted
rasanya enak, favorite banget ama snacknya sweet potato rasanya enak, bnyak discount dan promonya, tmbah lagi donk menu makanan dan snacknya........!! heheh #QravedSurprise
 - tuty damayanty
tuty damayanty
0 photo1 reviewApr 28, 2016
#QravedSurprise, untuk Agantea mall of indonesia minuman rasa taro nya manteeppp abis..nagih rasanya..apalagi pelayanan nya ramah dan bikin kita puas..thank agantea i loved
 - andi gens
andi gens
0 photo1 reviewApr 28, 2016
#QravedSurprise, untuk a gantea mall of indonesia pelayanannya ramah dan welcome terhadap custm! untuk minumannya toooop dach!!!! terimakansiiih kapan-kapan balik lagi ahh