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Jogja: Spot Favorit Anak Kampus

Ngampus di Jogja? Kenali spot yang terkenal di antara anak kampus Jogja ini.

Restaurants Selection

1. Ayam Geprek Bu Rum
1. Ayam Geprek Bu Rumyogyakarta
4.01 Reviews
2. Lotek Colombo Bu Bagyo Sagan
2. Lotek Colombo Bu Bagyo Saganyogyakarta
No ratings yet
3. Gudeg Bromo
3. Gudeg Bromoyogyakarta
4.01 Reviews
4. Sgpc Bu Wiryo 1959
4. Sgpc Bu Wiryo 1959yogyakarta
4.01 Reviews
5. Nasi Kulit Syuurga
5. Nasi Kulit Syuurgayogyakarta
No ratings yet
6. Es Teler Mendunia
6. Es Teler Menduniayogyakarta
No ratings yet
7. Bakso Klenger
7. Bakso Klengeryogyakarta
No ratings yet
8. Soto Ayam Pak Dalbe
8. Soto Ayam Pak Dalbeyogyakarta
3.02 Reviews
9. Bubur Ayam Jakarta Syarifah
9. Bubur Ayam Jakarta Syarifahyogyakarta
No ratings yet
10. Lontong Sayur Uda Uni
10. Lontong Sayur Uda Uniyogyakarta
No ratings yet
11. Nasi Kebuli Daging Sapi Mas Hamid
11. Nasi Kebuli Daging Sapi Mas Hamidyogyakarta
No ratings yet