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Jogja: Kuliner Malam

Jangan lewatkan kesempatan merasakan kuliner malam di Jogja.

Restaurants Selection

1. Gudeg Permata
1. Gudeg Permatayogyakarta
2. Gudeg Pawon
2. Gudeg Pawonyogyakarta
3. Angkringan Lik Man
3. Angkringan Lik Manyogyakarta
4. Oseng-oseng Bu Endang
4. Oseng-oseng Bu Endangyogyakarta
5. Nasi Campur Demangan
5. Nasi Campur Demanganyogyakarta
6. Mie Ayam Grabyas
6. Mie Ayam Grabyasyogyakarta
7. The House of Raminten
7. The House of Ramintenyogyakarta
8. Gudeg Bromo
8. Gudeg Bromoyogyakarta
9. Soto Sampah
9. Soto Sampahyogyakarta
10. Oseng Mercon Bu Narti
10. Oseng Mercon Bu Nartiyogyakarta
11. Warung Bakmie Shibitsu
11. Warung Bakmie Shibitsuyogyakarta