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Jakarta’s Best Thanksgiving Feasts

Jakarta’s Best Thanksgiving Feasts - Main Photo
Jakarta’s Best Thanksgiving Feasts

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Thanksgiving CuisineThe American tradition of Thanksgiving is one of our favorites. Let’s break it down for the unfamiliar: you gather all the people you care about around the table, you agree to forgive each other for all of the grievous emotional harm you may have inflicted upon one another — well, at least for the evening — and then you eat until you reach a kind of Ultimate Culinary Contentment.

All of this makes Thanksgiving in many ways the perfect holiday. It begs the question ‘why cannot every day be Thanksgiving?’, to which the only answer could be ‘no amount of Crossfit will allow me to eat like this on a regular basis’. Thus, you’d better make this one, wondrous day count.

Qraved has got you covered.

Here are five restaurants preparing their own Thanksgiving feasts for you and yours this Thursday. All you have to do is make your booking, show up with joy in your heart, and sit down to an amazing meal created by some of Jakarta’s best chefs. Let’s see what’s in the over, shall we?

The WilshireThanksgiving cuisine

Things start with a spiced butternut squash soup, move on to sous side turkey with crispy turkey skin, and finish the only way something like this can: with house-made pumpkin pie and post-meal Instagram selfies of utter happiness.

La Brasserie

We ran out of room when attempting to describe everything on offer, so just check out the main courses. Please note that there are a lot. Please note that this isn’t even all of them.

-Roasted herb-crusted Beef Sirloin and gravy

-Roasted stuffed turkey with cranberry sauce, baby potato, roasted sweet potato, and gravy

-Roast duck and crispy chicken

-Roasted duck and crispy Cantonese chicken with hoisin sauce

-Beef mince pie

-Grilled asparagus with Mornay sauce

-Sautee green Vegetable with butter

-Potato gratin

-Baked Ham with sautéed apple and mustard gravy

Thanksgiving cuisineThe Café at the Mulia

When we asked the Mulia what was on order, they said they had it covered. Take it away, guys!

This year, Thanksgiving is presented by The Café with a choice of buffet or a la carte menu featuring a wide array of Roasted US Turkey. A special takeaway menu is also available for those who plan to celebrate Thanksgiving at home. Have a Happy Mulia Thanksgiving!

The Sana Sini Restaurant

Never content to simply have one day of feasting, the Sana Sini is offering their Thanksgiving menu all the way from the 27th to the 30th. Thinking that your family might want to spend the holiday at home? They’ve prepared a full takeaway home meal catered just for the occasion.

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