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Christmas in Paradise at the Waroeng Tugu

Christmas in Paradise at the Waroeng Tugu - Main Photo
Christmas in Paradise at the Waroeng Tugu

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If you’ve done a lot of traveling around Indonesia, there’s a good chance that you’ve stayed in one of the Tugu boutique hotels or eaten in one of their restaurants — and if so, we can just say ‘Waroeng Tugu is having a Christmas meal’ and that’s all you need to know. You’ve already booked a seat, and are patiently waiting outside the restaurant, even though Christmas is still weeks away.

It’s cool! We’ll be right behind you in line.

For those that are less familiar, the Tugu group creates hotel and restaurant concepts that are as opulent and atmospheric as the time periods they’re invoking. Dotted across the country, each location is supposed to give you a sense of a particular moment in time, and then gives you a table to eat at and a comfortable bed to sleep in afterward.

So, with all that being said, let’s run down what you’ll be eating: Butternut squash ravioli. Balinese smoked duck. Mango-glazed mahi mahi, and caramel toffee pudding, and gentle, refreshing sorbets and rich soups of apple and creme fraiche. This isn’t so much a Christmas set-menu as it is a line-up of all the best things in life.

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