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You’re Most Welcome at Mama San

You’re Most Welcome at Mama San - Main Photo
You’re Most Welcome at Mama San



Mama San isn’t merely a restaurant or a place to eat, though the food is best described through a series of profane shrieks of joy. It goes beyond that, and becomes place where you can create the hub of your social roulette wheel, meeting people and hanging out in an all-around vibrant space. A mixture of Shanghai Grand and a little hint of English gentleman’s club, Mama San offers a series of experiences that — while not new — are so good that they kinda feel that way.

Mama San has that Smart Crowd filling up the place, as though you were submerged in the Instagram account of someone who would never need to buy their followers. It’s where all the cool kids hang out. Enjoy your time; there won’t be just-off-the-plane-looking-super-clueless groups of people here. And even if there were, they’d be cool simply by osmosis.

Mama San’s menu is a brilliant mix of Asian dishes, imaginatively served and with flavors which are at times complex and rich or fresh and simple. The product of the broiling pot that is the imagination of Chef Will Meyrick, Mama San is the #chillvibe after-party to nearby Sarong’s gala event. Salt and pepper food2soft shell crabs (btw: EAT THESE) perches atop an all-day menu that includes curries, inventive Asian salads, and ‘crispy things’.

No Scottish chef could turn down the chance to put ‘crispy things’ on a menu.

The word Mama San is an old term denoting a woman in a supervisory role within Southeast Asian gentlemen’s drinking establishments. Figuratively speaking, it symbolizes a mother. A mother who will watch out for you, who knows how many whiskeys you’ve imbibed and when it’s time to stop. It’s a restaurant where the entire experience is designed around having a curated, amazing meal in a curated, amazing space surrounded by an only slightly curated, amazing group of people.

Have another. You can’t leave just yet, you’re already practically at home.



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